In 1972, feminist activists proclaimed, “The future is female.” Now, 50 years later, that statement seems to be coming to fruition. In 2021, studies showed that 26% of CEOs and managing directors were women. That same year, the Fortune 500 reported an all-time high of 23 female CEOs, including 6 women of color.

While it’s not yet an even 50/50 split, women are making great strides in business development, leadership, and industry disruption. The four founders featured here are a handful of those actively working to change the future of their respective industries.

Amira elAdawi of AMIRA & CO

Amira elAdawi thinks there are many advantages to being a woman in her industry. As founder and CEO of AMIRA & CO, a consulting firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), elAdawi capitalizes on these strengths and creates relationships of trust with its clients. Having founded AMIRA & CO in 2013, elAdawi brings years of consulting experience to create a better management consulting model for M&A companies.

“The fact is that women are still a minority in the business world. We’re still not part of the “old school club”, and it’s still not a level playing field. elAdawi observes: “Being an outsider allows you to observe more and be more critical. It’s a different perspective. As the minority in the space, you can see problems, gaps, and needs much more easily, and the basis for disruption is identifying a need that has not been met.

elAdawi observed that the unmet needs of traditional, often male-led consultancies boiled down to the transformation approach. AMIRA & CO seeks to drive change within the companies it works with. In her role as CEO, elAdawi credits this for building stronger, more personal relationships with her clients, who often refer to her as the “non-consultant.”

“The disruption I brought was due to my different approach,” says elAdawi. “My work is not transactional. I am here to listen to you and guide you towards a solution. To help them reach their maximum potential so they never have to hire me again for the same problem.

Indeed, AMIRA & CO’s testimonials tell the story of elAdawi’s different approach to consulting, with each praising her abilities and the success she has brought them. Her method continues to prove that it works while being disruptive and uniquely feminine.

Dr. Sajani Barot from The Skin Consult

A move south and a personal skin issue led Dr. Sajani Barot to venture into beauty tech just as the COVID-19 pandemic tightened its grip on the country. When Dr. Barot struggled to find expert advice to control her acne and hyperpigmentation brought on by a change in environment, she took matters into her own hands and sought out different professional approaches to skin issues.

The society of Dr. Barot, The skin consultationcombines medical expertise and cutting-edge technology, providing consumers with skin care concierge service and virtual consultations.

“Visiting doctor after doctor to meet your skincare needs is inconvenient and inefficient,” Dr. Barot mentions. “Our platform streamlines the process and makes it manageable.”

Dr. Barot has developed a proprietary algorithm that matches skincare experts and products to each individual user of his company’s platform. The completely personalized and professional approach has disrupted an industry that often relies on influencer marketing, which can often be unreliable.

“There are so many products on the market,” says Dr. Barot, “deciding what was safe for my particular skin type became overwhelming. I realized that the skincare industry is much less regulated than pharmaceuticals.Given my background in clinical research, I felt the need to provide people with an evidence-based way to easily find skin care solutions.

Ginni Sarasvati

Ginni Saraswati of Ginni Media

The podcast is a billion dollars industry, and many of the most popular podcasts, from “We Can Do Hard Things” with Glennon Doyle to “Call Her Daddy” are led by women.

Ginni Sarasvati, CEO of podcast production company Ginni Media, is another woman who has become a force to be reckoned with in the podcasting industry. In 2017, Ginni Media was founded with one goal: to inspire new voices in podcasting.

“Podcasting is a great equalizer,” says Saraswati. “If you have a microphone, you can share your journey, your interests and your ideas wherever you are, whatever your background and whatever your story.”

Saraswati’s knowledge and leadership has enabled her clients to bring their passions to the airwaves, disrupting multiple industries in one fell swoop. As founder and CEO of Ginni Media, Saraswati shows that podcasting can be the perfect medium for a multitude of topics. The intimate nature of podcasting allows people to connect with others like never before and enables brands to develop unique channels of engagement with consumers.

“Every listener downloading and consuming your podcast content will only do so consistently so long as they find value in it, whether that value is educational, entertaining, or satisfies a curiosity in niche topics,” Saraswati wrote in rolling stone.

Teaching novice podcasters and leading global brands how to produce their own podcasts and create value for listeners is how Saraswati is changing and disrupting the face of podcasting, bringing a distinct and unmistakably feminine voice to the ongoing industry. of road.

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