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It is said that three quarters of our knowledge comes to us from our sight – visually. This makes it all the more confusing as still can’t use the video marketing options available to them as part of their overall sales development process. Especially when it comes to their franchisee validation and recruitment efforts.

Most franchisors have a well-defined and fine-tuned sales process, carefully designed to be a simple yet effective way to guide candidates through their franchise investigation process. Some brands have as few as five stages in total, while others can have as many as nine. Almost all of them have a placeholder for one of the most vital waypoints – validation. The importance of this step cannot be underestimated, as it is the best possible chance for a franchisor to make all the arguments in support of the business. .

Typically, prospective franchisees attending validation sessions will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with brand representatives as well as franchisees in the system. No question is forbidden, and it’s an incredible opportunity to communicate the value propositions of the brand, as well as an accurate account of the daily activity of the franchisees. Knowing this, does it seem odd that the majority of franchisors only complete this important step in writing or over the phone? Wouldn’t video marketing make a whole lot more sense?

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lost in translation

Without visual cues in our , many nuances can get lost in translation. It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t experienced a crucial misunderstanding or misread a situation through non-visual (face-to-face) media like emails, texts, and phone calls. . Because when people communicate visually, they understand more than just facts. Rather, they absorb the emotion, feeling, and expression that visual settings provide. Even the immortal hit show, Seinfeld, shed light on this aspect of life in one of their funniest episodes. When one of the main characters asks his friends whether or not it’s okay to break up with a significant other over text, the group’s response was quick and eye-opening. Certainly not. This kind of serious communication event requires a face-to-face meeting.

Short attention spans

It’s a well-known fact that people have incredibly short attention spans. The Rise of the Smartphone, 10-Second TikTok Soundbites, and More quick format social media canals only made the problem worse. Just a few years ago, corporations spent millions of dollars producing nifty marketing brochures, publicly traded companies developed dozens of page investment prospectuses, and product brands routinely created user manuals. that no one ever read. Think for a second. Say your washing machine has stopped working, but you’ve diagnosed a symptom or two. It is now becoming all too common to hear: “Just look on and see if there is a video on how to fix it.”

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Why video is crucial for validation and recruiting

Trademarks, in particular franchise brands, need to adapt to the times and offer the type of content that their audience prefers to consume. Using validation, again, as an example of recruiting, just imagine these two scenarios:

  1. You have a franchise candidate participating in a validation phone call with one of your most experienced and established franchise owners. Since there’s no script, it’s really unclear how the current owner can answer questions about being a franchisee. Franchisors have no control.

  2. You produce a smooth one-minute video – a testimonial – of a franchise — by placing it in a review video library on your website. As a franchisor, you control every aspect of what comes out of your franchisee’s mouth. Even before candidates can access the validation stage, it is possible that these first-person testimonials will attract the viewer. Franchisors control 100%.

If you can visualize (and no pun intended) how the can answer each of these methods, now you understand a valid point about the power of video marketing and manufacturing. Forget the franchise industry for a moment – even published an article stating that 90% of prospects who viewed a positive testimonial helped them make a buying decision for a particular retailer brand. The same percentage say they want to watch additional video content from brands and companies in each industry channel.

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The real challenge of video marketing and production is setting up a emotional connection to your target audience. In the case of franchisors, this means attracting a qualified candidate. This target audience responds to video testimonials because the emotions, feelings and expressions of the presenter can be assessed and communicated in real time. In less than 60 seconds, they can watch this type of promotional video and imagine themselves participating in the same type of testimonial validation one day. This time in front of the camera themselves. And isn’t that the very definition of a customer conversion that franchisors so desperately seek in their recruiting efforts?