There are sixteen episodes to go through in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, with nearly all items to collect, people to rescue, and bad guys to defeat. As you encounter the Cameos that appear in the game, you will be given the opportunity to perform their special EXP request which will help you reach the maximum level much faster.


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Finding eight disgusting bugs for punk frogs, for example, is one of many special requests that requires a little more dedication than the others, as you need to find four punk frogs before you can access their retreat, which takes you will then find and make disgusting insects.

Starting Disgusting Bug Special Request

Before reviewing the location of each disgusting insect in Shredder’s Revenge we will first show you where to find the four Punk Frogs, Who go give you access to their lair, allow you to accept their special request for disgusting insects, and return them once you find them. You can find each Punk Frog’s episode and location below!

Attila the Frog Location

The first punk frog you can find in the game is Attila, located in the fourth episode,Rumble in the zoo.“Atilla lies towards the beginning of the level, just before reaching the zoo entrance. Every time you set foot on the first street, fight to the end until you see a taxi, an uncovered maintenance hole, and a mailbox. Break the mailbox to find Attila! Complete the level and proceed to find the next Punk Frog.

  • Episode: Episode 4 – Rumble in the Zoo

Genghis Frog Location

The next step is the release Chinggis frog sewers of fifth episode,King of spillage.“This episode opens with you navigating the New York City subway system, eventually leading you into the sewers, where you’ll find the second punk frog. Once you enter the sewers, progress until you see a huge vault door on the back wall. Give a good crank to open the door and free Genghis! Clear the mission and get ready to rescue Napoleon next.

  • Episode: Episode Five – The Spill King

Location of Napoleon Bonafrog

Moving on to the third Punk Frog, we have Napoleon Bonafrog, which can be found in the sixth episode,Mall merger.“At the start of the level, you will be at the beginning of the mall and have to work your way through it while fighting waves of enemies. Since you’re inside a mall, there will also be plenty of sights and sounds to pick up as you go through it. However, tracking down Napoleon is pretty straightforward despite everything going on. It is located just before the entrance to the theatre, a little inside the level, that you can easily spotted by looking for a long red carpet that leads directly to the theater. Next to the theater will be a Display of punk frogs. Knock it over to find Napoleon! Be sure to complete the level before heading to the final Punk Frog, Rasputin.

  • Episode: Episode Six – Mall Collapse

Location of Rasputin the Crazy Frog

The fourth and final Punk Frog is Rasputin, who is in the game ninth episode,Crisis at Coney Island!“At the start of the scene, you will be on a long boardwalk with a scenic view of a beach in the background. You can find Rasputin on this boardwalk. As you cross the boardwalk, be on the lookout for a hot- dogs with a handful of enemies around him. Break the hot dog stand to free Rasputin! Complete the level to start looking for the disgusting insects!

  • Episode: Episode 9 – Crisis at Coney Island!

After freeing the four Punk Frogs, the “Punk Frogs NYC Retreat” will be added to the overworld. Visit this location to pick up their special request to collect eight disgusting insects. After that, you can finally collect all eight bugs, which we’ll explain below!

Disgusting Bug 1 Location

Disgusting bug number one is located at first of the fourth episode,Rumble in the zoo.” From the beginning of the level, continue until you reach the area with caged monkeys with a trash can in front of the wall separating the two cages. Bars will also be bent or broken, and this section of the stage is found immediately after encountering the caged tigers. Destroy the trash can to reveal and collect the first disgusting bug!


  • Episode 4: Rumble in the Zoo

Disgusting Bug 2 Location

Games fifth episode,Spill King,” is where you will find the second disgusting bug. After progressing through the subway at the start of the level and ending up in the sewers, keep fighting your way through the stage until you reach the safe door you need to open to save Genghis Frog earlier. Once here, walk a little further until you come to the area with three big pipes lined up on the right wall, pouring a poisonous green liquid down the drains below them. There will be a wooden crate with a red Foot Clan logo above in front of the pipe on the far left. Smash it to find the second disgusting bug!


  • Episode Five: The Spill King

Disgusting Bug 3 Location

The third disgusting insect belongs to the game sixth episode,Mall merger.“Unlike most others, this bug will not be accessible until you progress through a significant part of the scene, so play it until you reach the escalators that take you to the second floor of the mall where the Crystal Arcade is located. Once here, fight the enemies in the Arcade, then proceed to the next screen. You should now be in a small concession area with a popcorn stand in front of a desk. Smash the popcorn stand to catch the third gross bug!


  • Episode 6: Mall Collapse

Disgusting Bug 4 Location

Disgusting bug number four is located inside episode seven,Reptiles running on the roofs,” and can be hung relatively early. When this stage begins, you’ll be on top of a building and need to get rid of several groups of enemies before you have to cross a plank of wood on another roof. The Bug will be available shortly after reaching the second rooftop, so keep your eyes peeled. Here you should Keep an eye out for a large red tool cabinet with a small red toolbox on the floor next to it. Destroy the small toolbox to receive the fourth disgusting bug!


  • Episode 7: Reptiles Running on the Rooftops!

Disgusting Bug 5 Location

For Disgusting bug number five, you will head towards episode nine,Crisis at Coney Island!This bug is found much later in the scene, after the opening walk and several carnival games displayed throughout the level. However, once you reach the games played and managed by Foot Ninjas, keep an eye out for a ring tossing booth and a “hit the target” stand with a closed flap on the right. The shutter will have a Foot Clan logo on it, and a brochure stand will be in front of this one. Destroy the brochure rack to catch the fifth disgusting bug!


  • Episode 9: Crisis at Coney Island!

Disgusting Bug 6 Location

The sixth disgusting bug is found near the start of the tenth episode,A few loose screws.“At the very beginning of this stage, you will come across an area with a clan infantryman in a blue car in the parking lot next to a van truck. A trash can will be located to the right of the van truck, on the other side of the wall. Destroy the trash can to catch the sixth gross bug!


  • Episode 10: Some Echoes

Disgusting Bug 7 Location

episode seven,Dinosaur Rush!,” is where you will find the seventh disgusting bug in Shredder’s Revenge. Like most others, this bug can be yours at the start of the level and is found after reaching the storage area after traveling vertically for a little while. Once in the storage room, look for the Iron Maiden torture device on a raised cement platform. The seventh disgusting insect is directly in front of Death’s coffin.


  • Episode Eleven: Dinosaur Rush!

Disgusting Bug 8 Location

The eighth and final disgusting bug will be yours in the game twelfth episode,He won’t fly!“For this Bug, all you have to do is progress through the stage as you usually would until you reach the area with tons of ice traps scattered all over the room. When you are there, look for a wooden crate with a red Foot Clan logo at the bottom of the screen. Smash the crate to get the last disgusting bug!


  • Episode 12: It Won’t Fly!

Return to Punk Frogs Retreat in New York

You finally have all eight disgusting insects in your possession, and now it’s time to redeem them for your reward! To do this, jump into the game world and visit the Punk Frogs to “Punk Frogs NYC Retreat.“Once at Retreat, you make insects disgusting for 100 points, allowing you to level your character and get closer to the level cap. If you are currently playing as a maxed character, you must upgrade to a new one to give them EXP. There is no point in doing all this work for nothing!

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