Rolling out support for multiple devices has proven to be one of WhatsApp’s most popular features to date. While it is still only possible to sign in to one account on a single phone, the ability to also sign in to the web version of the chat or the desktop app has been strongly adopted by users.

But recently, users noticed that they were automatically signed out from some of the devices they signed into. In addition to being kicked from their account, a warning message is visible that reads: “Your devices have been disconnected due to an unexpected problem. Please reconnect your devices.”

So what is going on? The first thing to say is that you haven’t done anything wrong! Auto-logout is part of a security fix that WhatsApp is using to fix an issue that came up recently.

The problem meant that when multiple devices were in use, data was not always properly synchronized between them. After fixing the issue by implementing a server side fix, WhatsApp needs users to sign out of their accounts and back in for the changes to take effect.

Forced out

Rather than issuing a message asking users to take this action – which would almost certainly mean that a large part of the population would ignore it – WhatsApp decided to take control of the situation and force users to log out.

Not all WhatsApp users were affected by the issue, so even if you took advantage of the multi-device support, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you will be roughly wiped out of your account.

It’s important to remember that you haven’t been logged out because of anything you’ve done, and that doesn’t mean there’s a problem. All you have to do is log back in and you can continue to use WhatsApp on multiple devices just like you did. Everything you need to reconnect devices by scanning a QR code, just like you did when setting up multiple devices for the first time. It’s that simple

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