People Magazine investigates will dive deep into the chilling and harrowing case of Mary Elizabeth Bailey dating back to 1987 in its next episode on Monday, June 13, 2022, on Discovery+ and Investigation Discovery.

People Magazine investigates is a trending true-crime show that focuses on high-profile, jaw-dropping cases and presents them with never-before-seen footage and interviews to shed light on unthinkable resolutions and absolutely stunning plot twists.

The show is currently in its sixth season and the next episode is the second episode of the season. Episode 2 was titled: Mother’s orders.

The official description of Season 6 Episode 2 of People Magazine investigates bed:

“A mother’s bond with her daughter is strained when one of them shoots a man.”

Mary Elizabeth Bailey was allegedly told to kill her abusive stepfather, Wayne Wyers – by her own mother Priscilla – with a gun when she was just a child at 11.

Since the news of the next episode of People Magazine investigates was released, viewers of the intriguing true-crime show have been very eager to see how Mary Elizabeth Bailey’s harrowing story unfolds.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look and try to find out all about what Mary Elizabeth Bailey’s stepfather has been up to before the next episode is released.

Find out what Mary Elizabeth Bailey’s stepfather did before the next episode of People Magazine investigates arrived

Who was Mary Elizabeth Bailey’s stepfather and what did he do?

Apparently Mary Elizabeth Bailey’s stepfather was Wayne Wyers. He reportedly worked as a truck driver. He was reportedly extremely violent and had a habit of physically abusing Mary Elizabeth Bailey’s mother, Priscilla.

Mary Elizabeth Bailey, currently 46 years old and author of her memoirs, My Mother’s Soldierrecalls living in their home in West Virginia with his mother and abusive stepfather in what was a waking nightmare, a house of horrors.

In 1987, one day, Wayne Wyers, then aged 29, came home from work and discovered that Mary’s mother, Priscilla, had donated her Jeep to an association. The association would have chased her off the road. The incident infuriated Wayne Wyers, Mary Elizabeth Bailey’s stepfather.

A photo of Mary Elizabeth Bailey and her mother Priscilla (Image Via People/Google)
A photo of Mary Elizabeth Bailey and her mother Priscilla (Image Via People/Google)

He made the following days hell for Mary Elizabeth Bailey and her mother Priscilla. Mary, who was only 11 at the time, reportedly saw him slap her grandmother extremely hard one day.

Afterwards, Wayne Wyers allegedly started slapping his mother just before threatening to end her life with a butcher’s knife. He then continued to fall asleep in his chair.

What happened to him?

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According to reports, Mary’s mother, Priscilla, handed her a .22 caliber rifle and asked her to shoot Wayne Wyers in the head. Although Mary repeatedly asked her mother not to force her, her mother continued to insist.

Mary Elizabeth Bailey, aged 11, shot her cruel and abusive stepfather Wayne Wyers as her mother requested and ended his life. This unimaginable incident changed Mary Elizabeth Bailey’s entire life forever.

Don’t forget to watch episode 2 of People Magazine investigates Season 6 airs this Monday at 9 p.m. ET, exclusively on Investigation Discovery and Discovery+.

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