One of the greatest conveniences of modern times is the ability to answer the call of nature by using a toilet. With a simple push of the handle, the swirling wastewater flush is instantly drained. Rarely do we think about the side sewer pipes buried under our homes that make this possible, and even more rarely do we consider the dangerous consequences of leaving these pipes unchecked – often until it is too late.

“The problem is that usually these buried sewer lines have a certain lifespan, but no one touches the sewer line because it is out of sight and out of mind. And no one thinks about it until there is a problem, ”said Eliot Bloom, director of Pipelogix LMS Inc., a privately-owned sideline contractor headquartered in Long Beach. The village, in partnership with Pipelogix LMS Inc., will launch a new lateral sewer revitalization program for residents to address any sewer repair and maintenance issues.

The cost of repairing the lateral can go up to $ 15,000, according to Bloom. The Pipelogix program offers homeowners a paid subscription service plan for $ 15.99 per month per subscriber, or $ 191.88 per year, for one year for all inspection, maintenance and repair services. In each successive year, the rates will increase by $ 1 per month, or $ 12 per year.

Registration is done on the basis of an opt-out. The opt-out registration period will begin two business days after the company sends the forms to the owners. If owners do not opt ​​out within 30 days, they will automatically be enrolled in the program.

The village has accepted a five-year contract with Pipelogix, which can be extended for up to two five-year periods. If an owner registered in the program does not make any payment, the village will follow

its usual tax lien protocols and procedures to secure payments. A village liaison officer for the program is expected to be hired in the coming month, and will be chosen by the village with the approval of the company, village officials said. The company will reimburse the village for the salary of the liaison officer and the additional costs.

So what is a sewer side pipe?

Whenever you flush the toilet or use the sink, your sanitary lateral sewer is the underground pipe that carries the wastewater from your home to the sewer trap to the main public sanitary sewer line. at the edge of the street. While the main wastewater collection system is managed by Nassau County through its three wastewater treatment plants at Cedar Creek, Bay Park and Glen Clove in partnership with United Waters Suez, the maintenance of a lateral is the responsibility of the owner.

The Valley Stream average house was built in 1953, and the side pipes under many houses are over their lifespan by about 50 years. Bloom said he believed it was only a matter of time before the pipes, if left untreated, would break and crack, not only causing a huge headache for homeowners, but also potential damage to the environment and a host of public health risks. When pipes are cracked or damaged, they release sewage and can contaminate ground and surface water through a process known as exfiltration. This not only erodes the floor support of a person’s house, leading to problems such as sinkholes and sewage backlogs in your basement, but also the leakage of untreated sewage into the ground can. then end up in the waterways of Long Island and compromise the natural water supply.

Residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties get their drinking water from a system of aquifers below the island’s surface, the main three of which are the upper glacial aquifers, Magothy and Lloyd, which, if compromised, could lead to epidemics of waterborne diseases and environmental damage. The village’s new program will help achieve its broader goal of safeguarding the natural water supply and complying with the Clean Water Act, according to Valley Stream officials.

Pipelogix LMS is affiliated with Brady Risk Environmental, which is currently engaged by the City of Long Beach to inspect and repair sewer lines for residents as part of the Long Beach Private Lateral Program. When Valley Stream sent out a request for proposals, the company was the only one that submitted a proposal, village officials said. While other companies such as New York American Waters and HomeServices provide similar services, Pipelogix sets itself apart with its no-dig and trenchless repair service, 24-hour call center, full staff and in-service equipment. exclusive property.