Eleven months after Pocket Outdoor Media swallowed up Outside Integrated Media and appropriated its name, the benchmark magazine’s staff formed a union.

On January 4, 15 editors-in-chief of Outside magazine published a document simply titled “Mission Statement”. They advocate better working conditions within the company, express their grievances and announce their unionization.

Pocket Outdoor Media was renamed Outside when it acquired the multiple assets belonging to Outside Integrated Media in February 2021. The sequel included Outside magazine, Outside Studios and travel business publication Outside GO. Several other acquisitions over the following months increased his total assets to around 40.

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Pocket Outdoor Media acquires Outside Magazine

Pocket Outdoor Media didn’t just acquire Outside Integrated Media – including a magazine, TV show, app, etc. – it also takes the name. Read more…

External editors join forces

Since its launch in 1977, Outside magazine has had a tremendous influence on the outdoor industry. The post paved the way for many of its predecessors, and its readership now includes 38 million people per month across all platforms.

The 15 members of the new union all work for Outside magazine in editorial functions. Their complaint seems to revolve around a classic corporate constraint: getting fewer people to do more work for a small salary. He also mentions a recent increase in staff turnover and suggests that editorial work is guiding the conglomerate’s influence in the industry.

“Outside’s position as an industry leader is largely due to the editorial team,” he says. “Over the years, as the number of outside staff dwindled and professional responsibilities increased, salaries and benefits did not take these changes into account. Since last year, editorial teams have shrunk and overall turnover has exceeded 35%.

According to the statement, the group viewed unionization as “the only” bulwark against ongoing budget cuts and stagnant wages. Structurally, the group is working with the Denver Newspaper Guild and the Communications Workers of America to ask Outside Inc. (the parent company of Outside magazine) to voluntarily recognize their unit.

The statement also appears on an outside union Twitter feed. Read it in full below.

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