WhatsApp is the second most popular messaging app after Facebook. Individuals and businesses use this messaging app all over the world. Brands use it to promote their products, interact with customers or alert them to their promotions, events, etc.

Although companies use WhatsApp for their marketing campaigns, the medium does not support advertising. Therefore, they must use it ethically and according to its rules.

WhatsApp sending tools can help you improve your marketing campaigns. They will allow you to create and send automated, bulk and personalized messages.

Here’s how you can get started with them.

Best WhatsApp Sending Tools

WhichSender: The user-friendly app is ideal for sending personalized marketing messages from a computer or laptop. This includes running campaigns for your brand’s promotional offers, updates, announcements, or seasonal greetings. Moreover, you can create multiple variations of text messages for different target audiences using WhatSender.

virtual user: For advertise on whatsapp, whatsapp bulk message sender for virtual user allows you to send direct messages to unlimited number of people in bulk. It supports sending text messages in any language, images, videos, audio files and more. The latest anti-blocking technology implemented in this software has led to 99% satisfaction among its users. This software is equipped with the unique feature of unlimited message forwarding, a very natural action in WhatsApp to send the same message repeatedly and a feature that all other similar software lacks! Using this software, you can also automatically remove members from groups to target them with your promotional messages. Moreover, this software allows you to automatically send messages to groups. The software is connected to as many physical or virtual SIM cards as you have and automatically switches between them to send your messages to the target audience.

Whatever: The WhatsApp marketing tool allows you to send your messages in bulk to an unlimited number of customers. These messages can be in the form of images, text, videos, audio, PDFs and more. Additionally, the app supports multiple languages, has multiple contact storage, and uses anti-blocking technology to increase user engagement. Your recipients receive personalized messages with their names.

Wapp Blaster: The tool is perfect for your campaign, which needs unlimited bulk messages as it has no character limit. So, you can send messages in the form of text, videos, audios, images and in multiple languages ​​without any limits. Moreover, WhatsApp marketing software offers an advanced anti-blocking algorithm to help you in your bulk messaging campaign hassle-free.

Prepare: Businesses and their marketers can now create and send customizable mailing lists and messages using this tool. They can efficiently manage their sales pipeline, communicate with their business contacts, organize surveys and create an e-commerce store. Additionally, they can access autoresponder templates, contact management, campaign planning, and shop functionality.

Twillio: WhatsApp marketing software lets you update the phone menu on demand, have complete control over your routing logic, and create personalized greetings. It offers call center management, call logging and recording. The app is also user-friendly; so you can log in and out of your professional activities.

Advantages of WhatsApp Bulk Sender

Today, social media is the primary means of communication that helps you stay ahead of your competition. Here are the benefits of using these WhatsApp sending apps.

Customer Commitment: These tools allow you to reach a wide base of people with your messages about your brand, products and services. It is also the best medium for answering your customers’ questions quickly and easily.

CRM management: It helps you manage customer relationship to make your brand friendly and improve sales.

Send catalog and brochures: WhatsApp’s bulk messaging software lets you send your new and returning customers messages about your activities, promotional events, brochures, and flyers.

Analytic: The feature allows you to understand if your message has been sent, received, seen or read by customers.