A city steeped in both Portuguese and Chinese culture, a gaming haven with great food, beaches and architecture; Macau opened its borders to foreigners on the Chinese mainland in late August.

In this month’s cover story, we traveled to Macau shortly after its land border with mainland China opened. laowai. We investigated the changes since our last trip over three years ago, exploring casinos, tourist hotspots, beaches, hiking trails and some of the best restaurants in town.

From one border crossing to another. In this month’s The Nation article, Alistair Baker-Brian recounts a recent visit to Luohu Commercial City, an indoor market on the Hong Kong-Shenzhen border. The market was once a thriving commercial hub, but how has the closure of the mainland China-Hong Kong border affected business?

Elsewhere in the magazine, Ned Kelly meets Tural Hasanov, a mixologist from Baku, Azerbaijan, and author of Distilledthe first of five books planned for his series titled My Beverage Encyclopedia.

And finally, Joshua Cawthorpe examines the benefits foreign medical students can derive from learning about their practice in the Middle Kingdom, as opposed to their home country. This feature film follows the journey of two medical students, one from Niger and the other from India, who came to China to study but stayed to fight and become respected doctors in their respective hospitals.

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