Fall may not be the most popular season to list your home, but it can be a good time to do so if you play in the season. Buyers in the market are motivated to buy quickly and get settled before the holidays. With the days getting shorter, you can really set your home in scene with mood lighting. Adding a little cinnamon simmering on the stovetop can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Warren Bradley Partners has plenty of experience to walk you through the process and give you great tips on showing your home at its best this fall.

First impressions are EVERYTHING

As soon as you know your home is on the market, have pictures taken of the exterior. Enjoy the changing colors and natural beauty of fall while the leaves are still on the trees. If you take your photos in early fall, the overall setting will be more pleasing to the potential buyer and will show your home in the best possible light.

Consider curb appeal

Curb appeal is important all year round, but there are a few additional things to keep in mind as fall approaches. Add color to your garden with fresh mulch and fall flowers. Ensuring your garden is well maintained and free of falling leaves will leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits your home.

Make sure the inside is perfect

It is important that the interior of your home is as perfect as possible! Making sure your home is prepared for cooler weather is just as important as making sure it’s spotless. Make sure there are no drafts under your doors and that your windows are well sealed. You’ll want your home to feel warm and cozy by keeping your heating system ready to go and your thermostat set at a comfortable temperature.

Shedding light on the situation

As the days get shorter, natural light is less abundant. Make sure all the lights are on whenever a buyer comes for an exhibit and bring in any additional lighting when you can. The right light can make a room feel more spacious, airy and more desirable.

Minimize seasonal decor

Although decorations are expected this time of year, be sure to keep them clean and simple. They should be kept to a minimum and always taste good. You don’t want to put off a buyer who may not be celebrating the holidays the way you do. Keeping it simple with a few pumpkins or garlands, depending on the time of year, is the best way to show your holiday spirit while attracting shoppers.

Highlight seasonal add-ons

Be sure to show off the best features of the house which will be beneficial during colder seasons when people spend more time indoors. Light a fire in the fireplace or stage a large room to show how it can comfortably accommodate a large group of people.

Partners Warren Bradley is here to help your home stand out among all others and listing your home with them will give you access to all of their resources. Warren Bradley will provide a stager for your home, presentation videos, drone videos, floor plans and color brochures for internet, distribution and home display. On top of that, they will analyze market trends and study comparable homes in your area. Together, you will reach a price agreement that will maximize and accelerate your sale.

Warren Bradley believes that as a team, they can best analyze and resolve all issues, achieve optimal results, and ensure a successful conclusion at close. Their relationship with other real estate agents will attract the maximum number of buyers to you, elevating your listing above all else!

Give Partners Warren Bradley a call if you are in the market to buy or sell your home this fall!