Less me. More winning.

I never know what I’m going to write about the latest issue of INFLUENCE magazine until the very last minute. I need to see the whole book – we call the magazine a book – before I can come up with a topic for this column.

Flipping through the pages of this edition, the theme is obvious: there is less of me. And the stories? They are all about winning campaigns. The concepts intertwine.

There’s less of me because, at the time of publication, I’m ninety pounds lighter than I was at the start of the year.

Many people ask me how I accomplished this and my answer is simple: one day at a time.

Every day I drastically changed my diet (bye, bye carbs) and exercised a lot. There are plenty of other actions I’ve taken, like relying on an Apple Watch, using spices instead of sauces — but this magazine isn’t Men’s Health, so I’ll spare you the details of my diet.

That said, the arc of my journey to better health seems to be happening at about the same pace as a winning political campaign. Difficult, if not discouraging at first. Then day-to-day victories that keep you in the fight. Some days are one step forward, two steps back. Other days, you feel like you’ve hit a wall.

But, then, suddenly, your body or your campaign comes into the wake. And all the hard work you’ve been doing for months is starting to pay off. In fact, the momentum of it all may even start to carry you!

So this edition of INFLUENCE, which straddles the always interesting period of the end of the legislative session and the start of the election campaign, is about some of the people in the process, like Rep. Driskell Fence or master field coordinator Kevin Sweenywho know that success does not happen overnight.

Success comes little by little, step by step, then all at once.

One day at a time. This is how you lose ninety pounds. That’s how you win campaigns.

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