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According to an oft-cited figure from the Atlanta Regional Commission, the metro has 71 streets bearing a variation on the “Peachtree” name. That number is several years old, however, and a spokesperson says the organization doesn’t maintain a running list. (Peachtree, meanwhile, might be a variation on another phrase entirely: the name derives from a Muscogee settlement near the Chattahoochee River called Pakanahuili. “Standing Pitch Tree” – referring to pine, not peach.)

For the sake of clarity, we have compiled a list ourselves, starting with the city center and working outwards. We only crossed the perimeter a little, but in this space we were able to find 40 streets bearing the name. It is possible that the previous figure distinguished the directions – i.e. Peachtree Street NE and Peachtree Street SW – whereas we considered them to be part of the same Peachtree Street, but not to be confused with West Peachtree (street separate), and also not to be confused with Peachtree Street in Peachtree Corners, or for that matter any of the three (?) Peachtree Streets in Norcross. It’s also possible that we just ran out; As of press time, we continued to find Peachtrees in places we were sure we had looked at before. Here is a classification that is certainly incomplete and very subjective. You will never guess who emerged victorious.

Peach Street
That of Peachtree Corners.

peach forests
Avenue, Drive and Terrace. (In this order.)

Peach Corners Circle

Peachtree Dunwoody Circle

Peach tree view

Peach path
Dunwoody’s. It intersects North Peachtree Road (see point 28).

Peachtree Hollow Court

Peachtree Industrial Court

Peachtree Square Walk
If you put “Peachtree Boulevard” into Google Maps it will show you Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, but enter “Peachtree Place Parkway” and you will end up at a place called Peachtree Boulevard (in Dunwoody).

Peach tree walk
The far reaches of the Peachtree universe; it turns into Medlock Bridge Road near the Chattahoochee.

North Peachtree Road
This intersects with the other Peachtree Road in Chamblee, between Peachtree Industrial and New Peachtree Road. I understood?

Peachtree Dunwoody Road

Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
An outsider among Peachtrees, this bustling thoroughfare splits off from Peachtree Road at Brookhaven and stretches for miles beyond the perimeter, winding its way up Sugar Hill.

Peachtree Streets (Charming Downtown Norcross Edition)
West Peachtree Street begins at Jimmy Carter Boulevard, paralleling Norcross’s South Peachtree Street before reaching Holcomb Bridge Road and turning into North Peachtree Street.

Peach Center Avenue
If you are here, you are lost in the maze of one-way streets downtown. You are probably a tourist. If you had wanted to eat at Hsu (a worthy goal) you would have had to walk.

Peach Street West
Not the west end of Peachtree Street, but parallel to it. At Hardy Ivy Park, West Peachtree intersects.

The somewhat definitive classification of Peachtree streets20
Peach Route
The one in Atlanta.

New peach route
Sandwiched between Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and Buford Highway, it’s somewhat of a road with an identity crisis, but any street that offers a (less traveled) path from Atlanta Chinatown to BuHi Farmers Market cannot than shine.

Peachtree variants between Pharr and Collier Roads
Land of aspirants. In this two-mile stretch of Buckhead, the original Peachtree Road intersects with at least seven streets named Peachtree something or other, including: Peachtree Avenue, Peachtree Hills Circle, Peachtree Hills Avenue, Peachtree Memorial Drive, Peachtree Park Drive, Peachtree Valley Road. (Not including Peachtree Battle; see below.)

Peach path
Another of Buckhead’s offshoots, but ranked slightly higher given its proximity to Duck Pond Park.

Peach tree walk
Atlanta’s rare street reserved for walking, at least in part; it starts on 10th Street across from Midtown MARTA and heads north a few blocks.

fishing place

old fishing road
The original of the underground, i.e. the source of it all, is actually in Gwinnett County.

Old South Peachtree Road
Someone spotted it on the map – also in Gwinnett, several miles southwest of Old Peachtree Road – just as we were going to press. Bonus points for being
A suprise!

Peachtree Battle Avenue + three offshoots (Circle, Court, Square)
One of the most beautiful boulevards in Atlanta, whose name evokes a bloody conflict of the Civil War.

peach circle
We are forever lost on his roundabout, even if the location – Ansley Park, between Piedmont Park and the High Museum – is terribly pleasant.

Peachtree Drive
With a nondescript entrance off Krystal’s on Piedmont Road, this street leads to a bucolic, pedestrianized neighborhood, founded in the early 20th century for railroad workers.

Peach Street
Home to DragonCon and Pride – and the main thoroughfare of downtown, Midtown and Buckhead. Plus, there’s expanded pedestrian access near AmericasMart! Oops, no there isn’t.

This article originally appeared in our August 2022 issue.