Banning high-capacity magazines will do nothing to stop crime or killings (“‘Milestone’: Bill Signed Banning Sales of High-Capacity Ammunition Magazines”, The Herald, March 23). If anyone thinks passing a law saying “No, you can’t buy, sell or manufacture these magazines.” Will he arrest anyone with the intention of committing mass murder and make them say “Oh! Governor Inslee said I couldn’t use them. I better put them away and use 10 round magazines. then you are absolutely and incurably delusional.

Stop passing laws that are nothing more than feel-good instincts that do nothing to solve the problem. Enforce our existing laws to the greatest extent possible and stop negotiating cases until less serious crimes. This problem is not going to stop overnight. It will take generations, just as it took generations for society to come to this condition.

The solution is to stop raising your children to feel entitled to them. Stop raising them to feel that every social affront, big or small, must be avenged. Sometimes life is just life and you have to learn to pull yourself together and live with it. I did. I survived bullying. I graduated from The School of Hard Knocks. And even though I had access to guns, it never occurred to me to kill anyone. Because I was brought up like that.

Richard Quint