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#alphabet #books #typography #typography

November 30, 2020

Grace Ebert

Using the Brico system for letterpress printing requires thinking about all the possible combinations from A to Z. The simple method involves just four shapes to create letterpress shapes and geometric renderings, and it founded a recent collaboration between l artist and printmaker Anthony Burrill, designer and printer Thomas Mayo and Oli Bently, who runs Leeds-based studio Split and People Powered Press, a not-for-profit printing company which is the largest typesetting operation of its kind in the world.

Together, the trio created a monochrome print of each letter, which spans 1.5 metres. “With nearly endless possibilities for letter shapes, weights, sizes, and styles, it was created so everyone could share in the joy of type design,” they say.

The band is selling the monochromatic pieces to fund the work of People Powered Press — email Split to see what’s still in stock and make a purchase — and pick up the book documenting the whole process from the studio store . You can also try your hand at the Brico system with this simulator.

#alphabet #books #typography #typography

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