Owhat is the distance from here to the moon and back?

It depends on where “here” is and how you plan to measure it.

For Waverly-Shell Rock ballgoers, the distance was measured by a lap in the gymnasium as family and friends watched beamingly.

The lyric line carried the 2022 prom theme on Saturday night.

Principal Dave Fox opened the door to students and families, joking with the children and marveling at the celebratory moment with his understated manner.

The stars of the evening, the spectators at the ball, shone with impatience.

Many participants drove to school and some were dropped off by parents.

A golf cart and a hearse were two of the most unusual vehicles bringing the teenagers to the festive event.

“A hearse? said the principal in disbelief. “It’s a first.”

Inside the gymnasium, the bleachers were packed and many family groups cheered as their offspring and companion passed through the ceremony.

It was a moment of joy for all and a milestone for the seniors.

The youngest of the public, Renwood Smith, barely 3 weeks old, took a nap in the arms of his mother. Mom Hannah and dad Mason Smith are both W-SR graduates and were on hand to cheer on Mason’s younger brother.

Couples paraded on the gymnasium floor transformed into a decorative stage with props, lights and a light mist from a machine, presumably to evoke an ethereal mood.

Occasionally, when a dress got caught in the decorations at the edge of the gymnasium, a helpful spectator would hurry up, kneel down and untangle the hem to prevent the wearer from tripping.

After the walk, the students gathered on the second level of the gymnasium to continue watching the show and cheering on their classmates.

High-heeled shoes were the first victims of walking. They were kicked out of tired feet almost as soon as the porters finished the walk round.

Everyone had fun.

It wasn’t exactly from here to the moon and back, but it was definitely a joyous time worth seeing.