Despite being in recovery mode from a global pandemic, 2021 has always been an amazing year for brand licensing – and here at License Global, we’ve got it all covered! As a thought leader in the licensing industry, we’ve brought you brand articles, trend and change information, special reports, and our popular internal reports.

Our best list of cover stories

Our cover articles in 2021 included how Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) made it to Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and how that was only part of how Funko has come to be a household name. Our November issue celebrated the centenary of the iconic Le Mans race. In April, we immersed ourselves in the gaming industry with Xbox and “Halo”. Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary celebration was featured in our August issue. And in June, we took a look at how The Kraft Heinz Company is expanding its brands to adjacent categories through licensed product programs.

  1. Funko (December cover)

  1. Xbox (April cover story)

  1. Kraft Heinz (June cover)

  1. Sonic (August cover)

  1. Le Mans (Nov cover)

Our best list of information

Our knowledge has focused on the licensing paths of global companies including Beanstalk, Kraft Heinz, and Squishmallows. In March, we explored Mattel’s legacy and how the global toy giant continues to foster innovation, imagination and inspiration among new generations more than 75 years after its founding. We took a look at how Bravado and Universal Music connect fans with their favorite bands through retail, music, and merchandise. We’ve shown you how the Black Lives Matter Licensing Movement made its way into the industry thanks to a group of black licensing professionals and founder, Saphia Maxamed. We took a deep dive into Asmodee’s expanding game portfolio and found out how “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” became the healthy hero of the game.

  1. Kraft Heinz Goes into Licensing (June Story)

  1. Get What You Want (December Story)

  1. Make an impact (November story)

  1. Squishmallows (August story)

  1. Reeling it In (August story)

  1. Leading the charge (August story)

  1. Royale Rumble (April story)

  1. Before the game (April story)

  1. Mattel 75 years old (March story)

The best special reports of the year

Our special reports provide detailed insight into a wide range of topics related to the world of brand licensing. Our November report explored heritage licensing in the UK. Licensed clothing and backpacks were the focus of our back to school report. In June, we covered Pride licensing and how the LGBTQ + community is supported by branded products. In March, License Global examined how social media, COVID-19, and other influences have shaped Generation Alpha, and how opinions from this segment are impacting the future of retail. Our March 2021 Watchlist highlighted new titles, upcoming studios, masterclass hosts and breakthrough consumer products bringing European entertainment to the world in 2021.

  1. Exit through the gift shop (November report)

  1. Back to school (August report)

  1. Strong and proud (June report)

  1. Becoming an Adult in a Time of Unprecedented Change (March Report)

  1. Watchlist 2021 (March report)

Our best internal reports

License Global’s internal reports included exclusive reports on the world’s top licensors and top global licensees, as well as a list of top licensees in North America spanning multiple categories. Our annual report The Influentials recognized innovative companies leading initiatives that change the face of their organizations in ways that influence and shape people on a human level. Our December Year in Review looked at some of the biggest stories of the past year. And our BLE and LEV trend reports covered the biggest trends in the industry.





  1. BLE Trend Report

  1. LEV Trend Report