The Japanese magazine SWITCH collaborated with Chainsaw Man author Tatsuki Fujimoto to create an epic monochromatic cover for their September issue. The cover features the show’s main character against a bold scarlet background, lending the entire cover page to the highly saturated image.

The new cover was unveiled on Monday, and the September issue of SWITCH Mag will be available for distribution in Japan from September 20. Chainsaw Man anime, which will be hosted by MAPPA and is scheduled to premiere in October.


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Tokyo-based SWITCH, a Japanese lifestyle interview magazine, makes headlines as perceived tastemakers and forerunners of various genres in media and entertainment. The September issue will focus on both anime and manga series from the above, with the magazine’s official Twitter channel being the first to reveal the blood-soaked footage when announcing the release. Chainsaw Man the inclusion of the series in the next issue.

Officially titled SWITCH Vol. 40 #10, the new issue will be available for purchase from the publication’s official SWITCH Library online store. Judging by the cover, Chainsaw Man will share some of the limelight with another highly anticipated October release, SPY x FAMILY Part B, which has been announced for October 1st.

Chainsaw Man follows the life of a young man named Denji, who is plagued by a large debt left to him by his father. Sentenced to a life of hardship harvesting the corpses of Devils with his pet dog, Devil Pochita, Denji’s life comes to an untimely end when he is betrayed. However, before his death, he forms a contract with Pochita, which sees him resurrected as a devil known only as Chainsaw Man – half man, half devil.

With three promotional trailers and various key visuals released since the anime was announced in December 2020, anticipation for Chainsaw Man has been high, especially with studio MAPPA responsible for its production. The original manga ran for eleven volumes from December 18 to December 2020, with Chainsaw Man Part 2 beginning serialization on publisher Shueisha’s online Shonen Jump+ platform in July 2022.

The first episode of the Chainsaw Man anime is set to have a preview screening at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on September 19, a day before SWITCH Magazine’s September issue is released. A raffle was held by the series’ official website over the past month, where a lucky few had the opportunity to catch the first episode weeks before its official release in October. The official release of Chainsaw Man will be available on Crunchyroll streaming platform.

Source: Crunchyroll

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