Wentworth MP Dave Sharma defended sending political communications in the same teal color as his independent rival Allegra Spender without mentioning his Liberal Party affiliation.

Ms Spender, one of the high-profile ‘climate independents’ backed by Simon Holmes a Court’s Climate 200 campaign, is challenging Mr Sharma for the previously secure Liberal seat in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Ms Spender’s brochure highlights her support for a ‘new economy’ based on decarbonisation and sustainability and six policy areas flowing from it – climate action, honest politics, accessible education, first-class healthcare, inclusive society and the natural environment .

Mr. Sharma’s brochure uses the same colors and features a photo of Mr. Sharma at Bondi Beach. The text focuses on Mr. Sharma’s life story – his immigrant roots, his perfect 100 postgraduate degree and studies at Cambridge, his work for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including as Ambassador to Israel, as well as his wife and three daughters. There is no mention of the Liberal Party.

Mr Sharma said he does not routinely mention his party affiliation in all communications as an MP, but it will appear on all campaign materials once the election is called. He said a billboard bearing the Liberal logo had been erected at Edgecliff as it would remain there throughout the election campaign.

“I’ve been on the blue color scheme since I was a liberal, so I don’t think the question is why am I copying someone else’s color scheme, I think that’s why they’re on the liberal colors, and that’s a question for the other candidate,” Mr. Sharma said. “Nobody owns a color.

Mr Sharma has previously used the more traditional Liberal color of royal blue in his campaign materials.

Ms Spender responded on Twitter, saying: “Looks like my opponent is a big fan of teal. Copying my colors is a good start. Now make my policies. Pledge to vote in Parliament for a 50% cut in emissions by 2030, a federal commission for the integrity and humane treatment of #realteal refugees.