2022 will be a year of high expectations for Selina Thomas, and not for the reasons most people might think. With continuing aspirations for an opportunity to serve on Santa Clarita City Council, for her, this is just one aspect of the year that she looks forward to.
“Like most people, I look forward to the opportunity to see the small business community recover. It would be a sign to me that our community is coming back. There are small businesses still emerging from the gaping hole Covid left. My hope for 2022 is to continue my work in this area and call on big companies to see our community as the perfect place to do business. I can only make this call by first sharing my journey and steps to business success here. “
Recently certified as a Minority Business (MBE) after a rigorous verification process, Ms. Thomas has worked with the SCV Chamber of Commerce to encourage other minority business owners to consider becoming members and to see the value. to be in a collaborative enterprise. community.
“It’s so important to see the business community reflect the diversity of those who live here. As an advocate for all businesses, I see first-hand as an MBE the impact of having fair opportunities. My growth and my ability to cross and evolve are directly linked to being a member of VIA, the chamber of commerce of SCV and Los Angeles. All those years of building and doing good business in a small town are paying off. “
Ms Thomas also reflects on the resilience of her daughters who endured the Saugus tragedy and were closed at home for almost a year and a half. While maintaining the 4.0 gpa and their athleticism. “I felt a great responsibility to be a positive voice during a very difficult time not only for my daughters but for the many small businesses that relied on my daily video messages. I feel the rewards of this hard work in growing my 6 Degrees HR Consulting business. Being called in as an industry expert by the College of the Canyons Business Alliance and grassroots companies like Allbright Painting and Scorpion tells me I’m on the right track.
“The opportunity to be a SCV Signal guest correspondent as SCV’s human resources guru has also allowed me to speak to many people in our community. Looking back on all the shows I did last year, I was really struck by the amazing people who make up this awesome city. With a new segment starting in January called The Signal on the Street with Selina, I will really be able to connect with more people in person.
“I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings. I can’t wait to walk the streets of Santa Clarita, meet more people, and share the stories of recovery and hope for the New Year! “
To find out more about Selina Thomas: https://linktr.ee/Selinathomas