Eighth grade pupil Piper Meyer was on a mission. The Schimelpfenig Middle School student and chapter president of the National Junior Honor Society recently led an effort to help people with cancer. She recruited other students and volunteers to help her assemble 100 Wipe Out Kids Cancer “Friends Bags”.

These bags are given to children admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of cancer to cover the needs of their families during their first week in the hospital. These are sturdy rolling suitcases filled with over 30 items including basic toiletries, electronics, coloring books, games / toys, food vouchers, pillows, blankets, chargers and other comfort items.

Students left encouraging messages on each friend bag.

Buddy bags hold a special place in Piper’s heart. Her sister, Lucy Meyer, received one once when she was admitted to hospital for cancer treatment and testing.

About 250 students worked as a team to complete the bags of friends in just a few hours. Piper thanked everyone who donated part of their Saturday to help with the effort. She also acknowledged National Junior Honor Society Advisor Shelby Rose and Principal Kristen Kinnard for their assistance.

To learn more about Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer and how to get involved, visit the website at www.wokc.org. Facebook @WipeOutKidsCancer and Instagram @wokc

Principal, Kristen Kinnard, Piper Meyer, Aashik Khakoo, CEO of Wipe Out Kids Cancer, and Shelby Rose, Advisor to the National Junior Honor Society