“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle, Greek philosopher

The usefulness of the above summation by the great Aristotle underscores the need for political leaders, above all, to recognize the primary essence of performance and excellence for posterity in public office rather than being consumed by the flame and obsession of politics. This is indeed the disposition of the Governor of Gombe State, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya (Dan Majen Gombe)

It is a well-known fact that all over the world awards are given to people who have distinguished themselves as leaders or professionals in their fields of activity. These acknowledgments or awards, as the case may be, are usually conferred on personalities not just for fun, but as a way to encourage them in what can be described as “To whom much is given, much is expected”.

Since taking office more than two and a half years ago, Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has received many awards, accolades and accolades from different reputable national and international bodies including some famous national dailies such as Business Day , Blueprint and Daily Independent, among others. . The list of these rewards is endless.

However, two of Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s most recent awards come immediately to mind. These awards are those of the Leadership newspaper which recognized the Governor of Gombe State as Governor of the Year 2021 and the Vanguard newspaper which declared Inuwa Yahaya as its 2021 personality of the year in the category of governors. The two high profile recognitions came in almost quick succession in brazen recognition of Governor Inuwa’s leaps and bounds in the social, economic and infrastructural development of the state.

What are these clinical deliverables that the two national dailies have seen in Governor Inuwa Yahaya to justify the honors. For the Leadership newspaper, the award was based on the Governor’s acumen of leadership, which was always designed to reposition Gombe State on a path of sustainable economic growth, rebuild the state’s dilapidated infrastructure, building roads spread across the state, providing job opportunities for youth and women as well as empowering the people of the state with its agricultural transformation agenda. Leadership newspaper recalled that taking office on May 29, 2019, Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya (Dan Majen Gombe) was not new to the challenges facing the now 25-year-old state, having meritoriously served in as State Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development. . He left no doubt that he already had his task well mapped out: to propel Gombe State towards the path of rapid development.

The accountant and pragmatic leader burned with an unquenchable desire to keep his campaign promises. The National tabloid noted that true to the hopes of the people, the governor did not disappoint them. Governor Yahaya, according to the national daily, brought his vision, his passion, his humanity, his pedigree and above all his dexterity and Midas touch to influence governance in the socio-economic landscape of the state.

Across the state’s 11 local government areas, there is congruence of opinion that Governor Inuwa is indeed the right man for the job. He has so far met the expectations of the people through his visionary leadership. Within two and a half years of his taking office, even his ardent critics would not hesitate to disavow their rather ill-informed critics of the Gombe State government under his leadership.

The cumulative effect of Governor Yahaya’s prudence, leadership character and credibility is the arrival of various development partners in the state, and the results so far have been remarkable. Gombe is now the best state for ease of doing business in Nigeria and has been deemed the safest and most peaceful state in the northeast geopolitical zone of the country.

As for the Vanguard newspaper, the tabloid recalled that after about 25 years of existence, Gombe State, the jewel of the savannah, is now clearly on the path to a new dawn under the transformational leadership of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya. The current administration that ushered in the new era was just two and a half years old when the impact of transformational leadership began to gain traction, while Vanguard Newspapers findings show a solid foundation for sustained growth in the socio-economic landscape. -economic state in the medium and long term. long term.

Vanguard argued that most governance analysts have often excused the failures of many governments on the premise of COVID-19’s impact on national and subnational economies, but Gombe appears to have created a different narrative; that challenges bunk creativity and ultimately superlative execution. According to the Vanguard newspaper, the Governor of the Year awards are presented to a select few state governors who have managed to distinguish themselves in the circumstances of the operating environment.

For Gombe, the environmental circumstances were even more daunting, judging by the obviously difficult financial and sociopolitical responsibilities inherited by the Inuwa Yahaya administration. Findings from the Vanguard newspaper show that upon taking office, the administration faced a distressed treasury, burdened with an estimated N124 billion in loans/bonds, pension/tips arrears and contractor liabilities.

Fiscal pressure could be drawn from recurring obligations cumulatively amounting to around N900.4 million per month to service liabilities. But the administration has moved forward to demonstrate its determination to achieve positive results. It is standard practice for new administrations in the Nigeria governance space to abandon unfinished projects inherited from the previous administration, especially if the new administration is not an extension of the previous one. But Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya chose the road less travelled. Determined to save and eventually transform taxpayers’ money into viable assets, the administration has embarked on the realization of these projects.

– Misilli is Managing Director, Press Affairs, Government House, Gombe