On the morning of Friday, March 25, the Municipality of Pecos implemented, through the Department of Health and the Screening and Consultation Center (CTA), a joint action aimed at the prevention and care of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as social services. From SEST SENAT to Rua Coronel Francisco Santos, Pecos Center.

SMS specialists have carried out many actions, among which the collection of blood from volunteers to diagnose possible diseases, such as gonorrhea, hepatitis, HIV, syphilis and other diseases, and with the support traffic cops, drivers and pedestrians were taken to the front to receive brochures. with instructions on what action to take. It must be taken with the arrival of the carnival. The public had access to sexual prevention material.

In a statement, the CTA coordinator, Fábio Bernardes, underlined the importance of the Blitz whose theme was “With or without carnival, prevention continues”. Bernardes says that no matter how long the carnival lasts, care must be continuous. For the coordinator, the day was very fruitful, without disturbances.

“The Pecos Municipal Health Department provides all support, with the team performing blood tests, blood sugar and blood pressure checks, among other activities. This activity is carried out in a very simple way, where residents can participate in a simple way,” said Fabio Bernardes. And without disturbances, but efficiently.

CTA Administrative Coordinator, Fábio Bernardes (Photo: Maria Ivonete)

Asked about the delay in diagnosis, he said that for some tests, the analysis of which should be more in-depth, patient data will be collected for later evaluation results. It also ensures that the CTA is available to residents for testing and counselling.

“Here at CTA we have a free order, the person arrives with an SUS card and ID, then they check in at reception and they can get tested for syphilis, hepatitis and HIV , including these two tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea”, concludes the coordinator.