The golf challenge will take place on Friday September 2, 2022 at the Royal Port Moresby Golf Club.

The Santos-funded golf event has been an annual activity on the Royal Port Moresby Golf Club’s charity events calendar since 2003, receiving great support from Port Moresby’s private and business community each year.

The annual Golf Day is organized by PNGCF as part of the Daffodil Campaign to encourage individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of cancer and inspire the message of hope for a Papua New Guinea in better health.

Santos PNG National Chairman Leon Buskens at the launch said: “We recognize that the golf tournament not only funds PNGCF’s annual programs but is also an important platform to shine a light on the alarming statistics observed and felt in our country, especially with breasts and cervical. cancer in our women.

Over the past 18 years, support for the cancer foundation has reached communities across the country, extending Santos’ impact in health, education and youth empowerment.
The company is now looking to invest more in cancer prevention through greater collaboration with other partners, including the Ministry of Health.

“We cannot keep doing the same things and hoping for a better outcome as the gap has widened. It will take all of us, in the public and private sectors, to fight this disease. We owe it to everyone affected by cancer and to our future generations,” Buskens said.

Representing the PNGCF Board of Directors, Dr. Lynda Sirigoi (PNGCF, Vice President) thanked Santos for her commitment to the Daffodil Campaign and her help in organizing the annual golf event.

“I am pleased to launch the 2022 Daffodil Corporate Golf Challenge on behalf of the Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation Board and also thank Santos for his continued commitment to the campaign to the daffodil for the 18th year.”

Despite the challenge of getting back to normal after COVID-19, PNGCF made 20 community visits to implement its program of public health and cancer prevention education programs with the help generated during the event. 2021 Jonquille golf course (a sum of K144,000 was raised from team registrations, an auction and a raffle).

With this support, PNGCF has expanded its reach to over 500 men and women through 10 awareness sessions in settlement communities in the National Capital District. A total of 10 hybrid sessions (in-person and virtual) for companies and business houses were also organized, and up to 9,000 information, education and communication, or IEC materials (brochures and awareness raising leaflets) were distributed during community visits.

The PNGCF program schedule will continue next year with provincial programs to be conducted in the Momase region (Morobe and Madang provinces).

PNGCF Executive Director Priscillar Napoleon recognized key supporters of the Daffodil Campaign and the Cancer Foundation.

“On Golf Day last year, we saw 44 teams enter the Daffodil Corporate Golf Challenge, with Origin Energy winning the title.

“We currently have 20 teams entered, including Marsh Limited, Motu-Koita Assembly, PNG Ports, RH Group and Origin Energy, championing the Daffodil Cup. We look forward to receiving more entries in the coming weeks.”