In May, Ryan Bradley took on a new role as Reading’s Clean Town Coordinator. Bradley has lived in Reading since 1996 and is proud to call Reading home. Bradley worked in the drug and alcohol field as a therapist, counselor and case manager, prior to this position. His love for Reading does not go unnoticed. Prior to stepping into this new role, Bradley began cleaning up his own block before his neighbors began to join in.

“My job description is that I am responsible for all cleanups in the city. I have residents come to see me, I get emails and letters about residences wanting to clean up their neighborhoods.

Residents have longed to make their town beautiful again, and with the hiring of Bradley, that task is now achievable. Residents contacted him through email, letters and the app, I Request, telling him about different areas that could benefit from his help. One of the first things he does is provide these residents and blocks with all the supplies they need. Not only does he provide them, but he also participates in these cleanings.

The first major initiative was Mayor Moran’s “Adopt-a-Block” program. This program came strictly from the mayor, but was given to Bradley to approve and take charge of. Currently, there are approximately 44 companies on board. Block by block, Bradley hopes this initiative helps keep these areas clean and encourages other members of the reading community to participate.

“Basically, we provide residents with the supplies they need. They clean up, take photos and I post the photos on our social media sites. They drop their bags on the sidewalk, and our guys come out and pick up the bags.

Currently, Bradley is working on an illegal dumping campaign to combat some of the illegal dumping that occurs in the city. Illegal dumping is when someone cleans their house and they don’t take it to a suitable place to dump it. These items may include tires, televisions, furniture, construction debris, etc.

“We have a few sites that are a nuisance. We clean these areas about 3-4 times a week.

More importantly, there’s an app that residents can use to let the city know about trash. The application is called “I ask”. This app is easy to use, all you have to do is ask for trash to be picked up. Although many people are unaware of this app, Bradley makes it a point to travel to different neighborhoods to educate them. Bradley receives requests from his phone through the app. “Sometimes we go to the neighborhoods and distribute brochures on waste management. We do this to educate residents and let them know that we will be coming to collect this material.

“If you have a clean environment, the community starts to become safe. Not only violence but also rodents. A clean environment encourages people to get out and be part of the community.

So if you see Bradley on the street, stop and ask how you can be part of the solution to keeping Reading clean.