On Friday afternoon, Rouge Magazine held a pre-sale launch on the lawn of the Zell B. Miller Learning Center to allow people to pre-order a copy of this semester’s issue. At launch, Red merchandise was available for purchase and attendees could also receive various items and treats.

Rouge, the University of Georgia’s premier fashion magazine, is run entirely by students, from editors to graphic designers to photographers. Cece Grosz, editor of Rouge and a junior business management student, said this semester marks the first time the magazines will be sold to the public. Usually, the magazines are distributed to members at the end of the semester kick-off party, while non-members can view them online.

“We want the magazine to reflect our love for Athens and the UGA student body by encouraging authentic self-expression, whatever your personal style,” Grosz said.

Margaux Binder, a second-year journalism student, is the creative director of Rouge and played a significant role in planning the presale launch. Binder said the purpose of the event was to expand Rouge’s on-campus audience, stimulate interest in the publication, and build excitement for the issue ahead of the May launch party.

“We moved to the busiest part of campus, so we had so many people stopping by to find out a bit more about the magazine,” Binder said. “This semester, we thought we might as well get our name out there more than in the past and finally give people the opportunity to buy [printed] copies of the magazine.

Planning for the event also involved several other members of Rouge’s Board of Directors, including Director of Social Content, Sydney Bolin, and Smriti Tayal, Rouge’s Director of Communications.

Tayal, a second-year public relations and marketing student, said the magazine is the culmination of everyone’s hard work and passions.

“When we planned the event, our main goal was to really show off the authentic brand of Rouge Magazine which is deeply rooted in our passion for fashion,” Tayal said.

Rouge magazine members Sydney Fogarty, Margaux Binder and Cece Grosz pose for a portrait during a presale launch event for the magazine’s upcoming issue on April 8, 2022 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Dillon Edelson)

Rouge’s commitment to self-expression has helped the organization attract new members like Sydney Fogarty, a freshman marketing student, who discovered Rouge through a sorority sister. and now serves as the magazine’s brand ambassador.

“The environment is just amazing,” Fogarty said of why she decided to join Rouge. “The vibe I get from it as a whole is just about expressing yourself to the fullest and allowing you to completely show every aspect of who you are and celebrate who everyone else is.”

The enthusiasm of all the members present attracted many people who approached to inquire about the publication and how to obtain a copy. One interested person was Hallie Guyton, a second-year animal science student.

“I thought it was a really cool way to introduce Rouge to people because I had never heard of it. This campus has such a diversity of people and styles, so I’m interested in seeing this displayed in the magazine. said Guyton.