Rebel Wilson talks about an incident earlier this summer in which an Australian newspaper tried to expose his relationship with the designer ramona Agruma.

It happened in June 2022, when the Sydney Morning Herald’s gossip columnist Andre Hornery contacted Wilson, giving him two days to comment on the relationship – which until then had remained private – before he published the story.

Wilson neglected to answer and was forced out before she and Agruma were ready. In response to his Instagram announcement about the relationship, Hornery went ahead and posted the column – which has since been deleted – in which he said it was a “big mistake” to ask a comment, since Wilson “watched” his big break.

While the actress made a brief comment at the time via Twitterwhere she thanked another reporter for condemning the newspaper’s actions and said she was trying to handle the situation with grace, a new Instagram post from this afternoon, October 29, is the first time she has really speak.

Wilson took to the social platform after seeing the Australian Press Council condemn the Herald’s try to get out of his relationship.

“I just saw the news that the Australian Press Council has condemned the Sydney Morning Herald and its reporters for their recent dirty behavior in trying to end my same-sex relationship,” she began the caption.

“And although I have not personally asked for any action to be taken, I am happy that this has been officially recorded and acknowledged. Their actions have caused Ramona and me a great deal of distress and although we have remained classy, ​​there is still the pains of having to publicly rush this news we are dealing with.”

But despite these pains, the Perfect alum says the two are moving forward and focusing on the “absolutely amazing new things” in their lives.

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“Sending love to everyone 💗,” she signed, tagging “#loveislove” and the photographer, @lauriebaileyphoto.

The statement was shared along with a photo of the couple at some event. Wilson, who wore a pale pink dress and sparkly pumps, sat next to a beautifully decorated glass table overflowing with cupcakes and other small desserts. Agruma, who wore a long white lace dress and a pair of sandals, leaned over Wilson, both smiling at the camera.

The comments were full of support for the happy couple.

“Incredible news. No one, famous or not, should force someone to do or say anything until they are ready. 🙌,” one wrote.

“While it should always be your choice to share your personal life with others, I am so happy to hear about your love. May it help others realize that love is love and that ‘they shouldn’t be afraid to show up with their true selves. ❤️,’ another said.

Melanie Griffith shared a round of applause and heart emojis, while fellow member Bella Brittany snow left several heart-eyed emojis and Orfeh chose to post a combination of hearts and heart-eyed emojis.

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