Ready to roll up your sleeves? Aren’t you afraid to get ink on your fingers? Museum visitors of all ages are invited to explore printmaking with three hands-on, walk-in workshops. Create your own handmade paper and letterpress print with InterOcean Studio. Run a block of linoleum through a press to create a relief print with Angel Estrada and Raymundo Munoz. Explore the colorful world of gelatin prints with Victoria Eubanks.

Check out Mo’Print at Print Jam, an extensive live exhibit on fine art printmaking techniques. On Saturday, March 19, Denver Printmaking Month will showcase the vast artistic skills of local printmakers through 14 live demonstrations and 3 hands-on workshops. Areas of expertise include lithography, intaglio, relief, monotype, letterpress, screen printing, collagraphy and papermaking. You won’t want to miss this print night at the museum!

Continuous demos on display from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

  • Lithograph on stone and aluminum plate with Gregory Santos and Emily Moyer
  • Intaglio with copperplate engraving, color drypoint and zinc etching with China Colle with Brady Smith, Gail Boyd and Mark Lunning
  • Mixed wood block relief etching and plastic plate engraving featuring Jennifer Ghormley and Johanna Mueller
  • Monotype with viscosity rollers, stencil and experimental techniques with Joe Higgins, Taiko Chandler and Mami Yamamoto
  • Typography on handmade paper with Lucy Holtsnider and InterOcean Studio
  • Screenprint in several colors with Mandi Quinn and Javier Flores
  • Collagraphy with found materials with Virginia Diaz Saiki