The high school got the fair festivities off to an early start by hosting a college fair for students on Tuesday night. WCHS hosted dozens of schools with booths to provide information to future graduates. Not only did local schools like TTU, MTSU and Motlow show up, but out-of-state schools like Western Carolina University and Northern Ohio University stopped.

The Nossi College of Art also made an appearance, as did the various University of Tennessee locations. Needless to say, Warren County students had plenty of options to explore.

Senior Ezra Thomas was looking for a few schools to get a biology degree. He always got good grades in science classes and said, “Science is my calling.” He was particularly interested in learning more about UT Chattanooga, UT Knoxville, and UT Southern. “They have great campus life,” he said of these in particular, “or so I heard.”

When asked how many booths she had visited, WCHS student Lydia White flipped through her stack of brochures and replied, “I think four.”

She plans to major in athletic training and wanted to visit the MTSU booth. White found the fair very helpful because “not all of them offer athletic training,” and the fair showed him a few options that do.

Seniors McKenzie Pack and Jailey Parton gathered to gather school information and visited booths at Tennessee Tech, Tusculum and MTSU. Pack was looking for a good veterinary program and was interested in UTK “because they have the best veterinary program”.

Parton is looking to become a nurse and has also expressed interest in UTK, but added: “I want to spend my first two years at Motlow.” WCHS director Chris Hobbs was excited about the college fair, given that the pandemic has kept it from happening for the past two years.

“I just think it’s a great opportunity for our students to interact with 2- and 4-year colleges,” Hobbs said. Business schools, art schools, and even the United States Navy were represented at the fair to help future leaders choose their path. Hobbs added that whatever the school can do to help students, “that’s what we’re here for.”