Mary Marsh, vertical scroll: inorientable.

BOOKS AGAINST THE WALL: AN ART EXHIBITION INSPIRED BY ORIGINAL BOOKS, AT THE PENINSULA ART MUSEUM IN SAN BRUNO. The Peninsula Museum of Art presents Books Against the Wall, an exhibition of Bay Area book artists who translate their work into multi-media and multi-media projects. These artists use the book format to create original works of art, then explore how to share what they’ve created with a wider audience. The results challenge the viewer to think of the book as a sculpture, animation, video game and more. Books Against the Wall includes works by five artists: Zach Clark creates works related to the memory of location and his own changing relationship to nature. Clark translates analog photography and writing through risography, screen printing and letterpress into plates, postcards, booklets and hand-bound books. Sarah Klein sets the paper in motion by presenting books, prints and animations. Informed by a decade of work with stop-motion animation, she uses repetition and variation to activate her subject matter. The image sequences are organized for the viewer to put into motion with a GIF app on a smart device or mind’s eye. Mary V. Marsh makes prints and artist’s books that explore the evolution of communication technologies through the lens of personal experience and anxiety. Marsh’s Vertical Scroll: Unorientable, a large, newspaper-like möbius strip, refers to the endless scrolling of digital reading. Andy Rottner is an artist, bookbinder and fine art publisher. His Smoke Pourin’ Out of a Boxcar Door & Talkin’ Hard Work translates folk music into drawing and book form. Lorna Stevens is a multimedia artist whose work centers on the integration of materials and techniques to represent subject matter. She presents Paradise Drive, an entirely handmade book of sonnets and paintings translated into video, electronic game, exhibition, print and e-book. Books Against the Wall: An art exhibit inspired by original books will be on view from November 12 to February 5, 2023 at the Peninsula Museum of Art, Space 204. Tanforan Shopping Center, San Bruno. For times and directions, visit

Susan Cohn is a member of the American Theater Critics Association and the San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critics Circle. She can be reached at [email protected]