The Peabody Garden Club decorated the George Peabody House Museum for the holiday. Dick St. Pierre, president of the Peabody Historical Society, will be there with Mayor Ted Bettencourt and maybe someone from the Garden Club. I don’t know if the decorations are just outside or inside the house.

We will meet them November 1 at 10 a.m. at 205 Washington St. at the George Peabody House.

A 3rd grade class will be present from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The life of George Peabody and his role in the city’s leather industry is part of the citywide Grade 3 curriculum.

I’ll ask the woman, Sheila, who runs the show, any vacation-related stories and I’ll interview Dick. Saint-Pierre about the decorations that go up at Christmas each year.

In other news, Dick said the property’s Leather Museum will be reopening in the coming months and he’d like to advertise it in our magazine.

The museum began around 2000 and has been closed for the past three years while the space has housed the city’s Children’s Museum,

The Children’s Museum has recently found a permanent home and George Peabody’s team has taken all of its artifacts out of storage and is reassembling the exhibits in leather.

The museum includes a mural by a local artist.

In 1960, there were 101 tanneries in Peabody and 8,000 people working there. Now there is only one, and the museum is meant to tell people, especially children, about the city’s rich leather history.

I think we could integrate this museum restoration into the broadcast or give it its own space if you wish.

Peabody 205 Washington Street

Tail. St Pierre, Director, George Peabody House and Leather Museum 205 Washington

From the 8th grade, the south grew up in Salem. We moved to Peabody when he got married

Celebrate the life of George Peabody who was born here in 1795.

Have no activities per se have Tuesday morning 10 a.m. Nov 1, 3rd graders are part of their George Peabody curriculum

The leather museum was the basis of peabody’s wealth

In 1960 103 tanneries 8,000 in industries

Now a tannery

That’s why we have a leather museum to keep the tradition going so the kids don’t forget

he is buried I buried

He grew up in the middle of the city

I have an advisory board, they’ve all worked in the leather industry.

His father owned a factory. Richard Sirois.

About three years ago the mayor decided it would be nice to have a children’s museum, he asked me if you could use the building temporarily, they have a new location on Main Street and thank God we we got it back.

The Leather Museum had been operating since 2000 or 2001

Nice they have a mural on the leather tannery wall.

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November, 1st