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Owensboro girl draws national attention after launching newspaper

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – In October, an 11-year-old girl decided to start her own newspaper. Since then, her article has grown in popularity and even received national attention.

When Audrey Neel started the Owensboro Kids Chronicle, she didn’t think it would get much attention.

“I didn’t expect it to be big or anything,” Audrey said. “I just wanted to give it to some people.”

In less than a year, his newspaper did just the opposite. Two national TV shows featured her story, including when she was interviewed to be on NBC News. Her parents say the whole thing was a bit hard to believe.

“The NBC folks, nationally, reached out to me about four or five times before I finally responded because I didn’t think they were actually reaching out to me, that it was something that was actually going on,” he said. said Adam Neel, Audrey’s father.

The newspaper went from around thirty subscribers in March to nearly 100 on Friday.

As Audrey gains experience, she becomes more involved in her community.

The Daviess County Public Library recently began expanding its parking lot, which included cleaning up the green area near Neel’s house. Audrey says she was unhappy with the change and used her platform to spread the word about it.

“I wrote about it in my journal because now I can do it and I can tell people how I feel about it,” Audrey said.

She started a petition and collected around 900 signatures. She was happy to say that the library had moved some of the parking spots closest to her house.

Audrey says she likes to involve her friends and family in the writing process, and her mother watches her closely to make sure everything is done, which can be stressful.

“She’s been patiently waiting while mom sits there picking her nails, worrying ‘are we going to make it?’ “said Hope Neel, Audrey’s mother.

Audrey says she still enjoys putting the diary together and plans to keep it running for as long as she can.

If you would like to subscribe to Owensboro Kids Chronicle, you can email the Neel family at [email protected]

The Neels say the newspaper is free, but they ask subscribers to help cover printing and mailing costs if they can.

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