The city of Orange starts the new year with a continuation of new constructions and renovations. Building permits issued in the first month included an $8.6 million new building for a medical center and the city spending $285,000 on the HVAC system for the new recreation center being built at 1405 Orange Avenue, the site of the old natatorium.

Construction of the Gisela Houseman Medical Campus is underway in the Eagle Point development area in the southeast area at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Texas Highway 62. Houseman donated a land and the City of Orange Economic Development Corporation helped with incentives, including laying water and sewer lines to the area.

The city is paying for the construction of the new $2.9 million recreation center and has announced it is expected to open in the summer. The city has announced the hiring of a director of recreation.

SHC LLC has received a $125,000 permit for a motel renovation at 4402 27th Street near Interstate 10 West.

Businessman Ron D. McAnelly received an interior construction permit worth $81,000 for Triangle Rescue, 3875 Interstate 10. It’s another business that continued to grow after the towns that EDC helped her get started with an earlier grant.

Other business permits include $20,000 for the renovation of 603 16th Street, a former lubricant store between Green Avenue and Park Avenue. The company is 7th Street Grocery, which is based in the Golden Triangle and has tobacco shops in other cities.

Starlight Church of God, 2800 Bob Hall Road, received a permit for a $94,000 roofing project. And a permit for a $40,000 cell tower upgrade at 2910 Enner Road has been issued.

After recent major hurricanes and tropical storms caused power outages, residents of Orange installed generators in their homes. In January, the city granted 13 permits for electrical connections to generators and 11 permits for gas connections to generators.

Solar energy continues to grow and every month more and more people are using this clean energy. Four residents received permits in January to install solar systems on their electrical systems.

New homes are being built at 2205 Sixth Street, 1410 S. Hart Avenue, 1902 11th Street, 1602 Second Street, and 745 Old Timers Road. More new homes are occupied as electrical service has been added to new homes at 3302 Rolling Ridge Drive, 2720 Allie Payne Road, 2740 Allie Payne Road, 2202 Westway and 1410 S. Hart Avenue.

Orange also worked to remove dilapidated buildings that had become eyesores. Demolition permits have been issued for 208 College, 2308 Oak Lane, 1410 Hart, 802 Bilbo and 333 Echo Loop.