Last month I wrote about the 2022 Oklahoma Travel Guide and the new Oklahoma State Park & ​​Outdoor Guide. Both contain valuable information.

But did you know that offers several brochures to download? Some of these booklets include the Oklahoma Fishing Trail Guide, Route 66 Guide through Oklahoma, and Oklahoma Indian Country Guide. All of these are valuable and essential to anyone’s travel plans.

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Let’s focus on the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide. By browsing through the guide, it is easy to find general information. Did you know that 39 Native American tribes are headquartered in Oklahoma, more than any state? This 97-page guide also contains historical and cultural information about each of these 39 tribes.

In addition to history, the guide offers a poignant look at the current situation of the Oklahoma-based tribes, which are sovereign nations with growing and thriving businesses and cultures. The guide reflects tribal citizens who are proud and work hard to preserve their languages ​​and heritage. And as you go through the guide, you’ll find plenty of places to visit and learn about the past and present of the tribes.

I think travel can be an amazing educational tool that can enhance our awareness, appreciation, and respect not only for cultures and places, but also for people who are different from our own backgrounds.

And the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide can help you explore and plan a trip to amazing destinations, as it features more than 100 museums, cultural centers and other attractions where visitors can learn about the history and Native American culture.

It also highlights powwows and other cultural events across the state.

The annual Wichita Dance at Anadarko is one of the events featured in the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide.

On page 4, a map clearly shows you the different tribal communities. The first one that caught my eye was the “Northeast” section, which features one of my favorite places, the Osage Cathedral in Pawhuska. The church there is a living history lesson.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, also known as Osage Cathedral, has been a Pawhuska staple since 1925.

This image from the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide highlights locations in the northeastern part of the state.

After the Osage Nation and its people became wealthy from the huge oil reserves found on the reservation lands, they commissioned the world’s best stained glass makers to create beautiful windows, which combine traditional Osage art and a traditional German Catholic art. You can visit the church and see the 22 stained glass windows, the majority of which are in chronological order. One window, however, is quite exceptional and unique in that it features Osage chiefs and tribal members who were alive when the window was created.

The church had to get permission from the Vatican to do so because it is rare to have living members of a parish depicted in sacred art.

It is only one destination and its historical information can be found in this important and valuable guide.

This new, updated edition contains incredible new cultural attractions that have opened in recent years, including the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City, the Choctaw Cultural Center in Calera, and the Cherokee National History Museum in Tahlequah.

The First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City is one of the locations featured in the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide.

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To get the new free Oklahoma Indian Country Guidebook, or any of the free travel guides and brochures, just go to and click “Brochures” in the top left corner, select the ones you want and fill in the shipping information.

You should receive them within a few weeks!

The Choctaw Cultural Center in Calera is featured in the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide.

Dino Lalli is the co-host and one of the reporters for the weekly “Discover Oklahoma” television show.