OFFICER Magazine has launched its new law enforcement podcast, and it’s available for readers.

The Officers Roll Call Podcast covers a wide range of topics in the law enforcement community. Topics range from news to gear to politics and more. Lt. Frank Borelli, Editorial Director of OFFICER Media Group, and the editorial team, along with industry experts, trainers and consultants, fill each podcast episode with valuable information for the enforcement profession. the law and entertaining for all listeners.

Listen to the first two episodes of the podcast to get you started right off the bat.

episode one

In this episode, Lt. Frank Borelli and Editor Paul Peluso discuss summer-specific topics for law enforcement, including bike patrol, foot patrol, and potential injuries/concerns related to the heat.

episode two

Lt. Frank Borelli greets Mr. Rob Pincus at the officer’s roll call to discuss the latest Supreme Court ruling regarding ‘just cause’ requirements and transportation permits.

episode three

In this episode, Editor Paul Peluso and Lt. Frank Borelli discuss a variety of shotguns and their design features as well as the different types of ammunition available, focusing on how the shotgun is still a valid, valuable and versatile weapon for law enforcement.

The Officer Roll Call podcast is available via Podbean, Apple and Spotify. Come back here as more episodes are available.