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PORTLAND – Dana Smith Poole passed away peacefully on Monday December 6, 2021. She was 93 years old. Born in 1928 in New York, she was the daughter of Elinor McLane Smith and J. Hopkins Smith of Portland. Her grandparents were Judge and Mrs. Allen McLane of Baltimore and Mr. and Mrs. James H. Smith of Portland. Dana lived in Portland and France until 1939 when World War II brought the family back to the United States . She graduated from Waynflete School in 1946 and Connecticut College in 1950. She then moved to Montreal to become a passenger agent for Air Canada (then TransCanada Airlines) in order to use her knowledge of French. In 1954, she married Ronald Keith Jones; an Anglo-Peruvian of British parents, and moved to Lima, Peru. A year later, their work took them to Boston and Manila, the Philippines. During this time, she learned leatherwork in Lima, worked as a secretary at Boston University, then helped the head of the archeology department at the Manila Museum where she participated in excavations of ancient sites. funerals south of Manila. After a divorce from Mr. Jones in 1961, Dana returned to New York and was a showroom assistant for Danish designer Jens Risom. In 1963, she married Donald Banatyne Mahler of Eastern, Pennsylvania. They moved to Hong Kong where Mr. Mahler was employed by Chase Manhattan Bank (then CitiBank). There she hired herself as a tour guide for visiting business people. After a transfer to Bangkok, Thailand, she contracted a severe case of tropical sprue. Weak, weighing only 90 pounds and abandoned by doctors in Bangkok, Dana went to an unusual healer in Bangkok who was considered mad or a genius as a last resort. He treated her with an unknown substance injected 24/7 for a week and the cluster was gone. When it was strong enough, the Mahlers returned to the United States. Doctors in the United States were in disbelief and curious. A blood test revealed that his system was saturated with folate. The unknown drug that had stopped the sprue in Thailand was folic acid! Back in New York, Dana returned to the furniture business. Mr. Mahler died in 1968 of an aneurysm. In 1970 she married William M. Poole of Portland. She later became editor-in-chief for the Swiss American Review, a century-old periodical published in New York. His column, Swiss American Portraits, reports his interviews with a variety of Swiss people who have made their mark abroad, from ambassadors to racing car drivers. Dana viewed her many lives as a long voyage at sea, with shipwrecks and rescue. Regarding her way of adapting to everyone, she will say that she was “a jack-of-all-trades and does not master any”. for his sister, Jane Smith. Years later, she teamed up on a 2-man Tiger Cat in Manila Bay. Former members include the Portland Yacht Club, the Ancon Yacht Club in Lima, the Army-Navy Club in Manila, the Foreign Correspondents Club in Hong Kong, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, and the Asia Society and China Institute in New York. has had many charities which included heart and lung associations, St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital and Smile Train. More specifically, it has long supported or monthly “partner” Doctors Without Borders, the Carter Center, the Bowery Mission and the Doe Fund in New York and Mercy Ships. She donated her time and talent to write brochures, advertisements and occasionally articles; in particular for the China Institute in New York. His closest contact with history was during the revolution in Argentina when Peron was ousted. When the Air Force bombed parts of Buenos Aires, she left her apartment building to check in. All the balconies and roofs were crowded with people cheering for the planes. When it was learned somehow that he had left the country, huge crowds poured into the streets and Dana was dragged along with them. Coincidentally, the great war correspondent, Cornell Capa, was there. His now famous image of this scene was made possible by his climbing up a tree to avoid being swept away. She is survived by generations of nieces and nephews; and a daughter-in-law of Jones; and step-granddaughter. Dana asked for no funeral or memorial service, only a happy gathering of family and friends listening to her favorite music, Abba. Details to follow, probably in spring or summer. To express your condolences or to participate in Dana’s online tribute, please visit http://www.DolbyBlaisSegee.com

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