Now you can read your favorite newspaper on your tablet or phone with today’s launch of The Mail+

The Mail is proud to announce today the launch of The Mail+, a brilliant and simple way to read your favorite newspaper on your tablet or phone.

Now you can enjoy every article in the newspaper, plus additional photos, videos and lots of totally addictive interactive puzzles – and save a fortune on the price of the printed newspaper.

At The Mail+, you can choose to read the newspaper in traditional newspaper format, with pages that are an exact replica of those printed. You can also browse them in an exciting new web format that makes it easier to read on mobile. If you’re already a subscriber, just update your app and sign in.

Take advantage of our introductory offer and you can get The Mail+ for just £1 – yes, £1 – for the first THREE MONTHS.

And now all The Mail+ subscribers (new and existing) will receive 150 Nectar Points at the end of each month without having to enter their unique numbers each day.

Alternatively, sign up to The Mail+ for a year for just £65 and we’ll give you 3,000 FREE Nectar Points worth £15!

You’ll find so much to love, with all the quality and values ​​that make the Mail so special. Simply go to to see us on the internet, or go to to subscribe.

You’ll find plenty of extras, including must-see podcasts from star Mail writers such as Sarah Vine and Liz Jones. While our weekly hit Palace Confidential video show has all the latest royal gossip and inside stories.

Every afternoon we publish an update and email at 5pm, exclusively for The Mail+ readers, featuring agenda-determining scoops and must-see comments that will appear in the next day’s newspaper.

There’s a fabulous Best Of section filled with great items – including delicious, simple recipes and any parts of our great book serializations you might have missed.

And you can catch up all week on our two unbeatable magazines: Weekend for all the best TV picks; and gorgeous and glamorous You, Britain’s most widely read women’s magazine. Again, you can read them in print or in the new web view.

Then there are our amazing interactive puzzles: crosswords, sudokus, brain training kurosus and much more. All the puzzles you love in paper come to life like never before. And you’ll find THOUSANDS more in our amazing archive of previously released puzzles.

Mail+ will change the way you see your favorite newspaper and save you money.

What are you waiting for? Start your £1 three month trial of The Mail+ at today.