April 8

Block 23400 Lakeview Drive: The owner of a Honda Accord reported that the car’s catalytic converter was stolen overnight.

22900 Block 53rd Avenue West: Police have determined there is probable cause to charge a male resident with violating a noise nuisance ordinance. A blue Jeep Patriot parked in his driveway had been playing loud music, apparently for several hours, prompting complaints. The bass of the music could be heard over 200 feet away. Subject was uncooperative and ignored a request to turn the music down. He will receive a summons by mail from the court.

Intersection of Southwest 220th Street and West 64th Avenue: The driver of a black Toyota RAV4 crashed into the rear of an Acura CL stopped ahead at a red light and fled the scene. The Toyota was last seen heading south on West 66th Avenue. Minor damage to the Acura’s rear bumper was observed and the cost of repairs was estimated at less than $1,000. No injuries were reported and help was refused, although the passenger in the vehicle reported having minor back pain.

April 9

4500 block 224th Place Southwest: A woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant and transported to the Snohomish County Jail for reservation.

Block 4500 224th Place Southwest: Police have determined there is probable cause to arrest a man for violating a no contact order. He reportedly visited the protected person’s residence three times over the course of several hours as he attempted to locate her. The subject was no longer at the residence when the police arrived and the suspect is said to have left on foot in an easterly direction. A search of the area did not locate the man and charges will be forwarded to court.

24000 block Van Ry Boulevard: A woman has been cited for second-degree criminal trespassing after being contacted inside a fully fenced area at the Terrace Station construction site. There are several signs posted along the fence prohibiting trespassing into the construction area. The summons has been sent to court for posting.

21900 block 64th Avenue West: A resident heard knocking on her neighbor’s window, then saw two men remove the screen. After being confronted, the suspects walked away. Both front window screens were slightly damaged and one window screen had been removed and was leaning against the residence. There was no damage or tampering on the two front windows. A male resident, who was sleeping inside the residence during the incident, said the window screens were intact before going to bed.

April 10

23200 block 58th Avenue West: A man has been cited for trespassing on Calvary Fellowship property. He had previously been trespassing on the property for a year. In addition, a woman received a trespassing notice that prevents her from returning to the property for a year.

22800 block 44th Avenue West: An Ace Hardware employee reports that two men in their twenties entered the store and stole three power tools with a total value of over $800. The suspects grabbed the three boxed items and walked outside the store, where they were seen entering an SUV. The vehicle was last seen exiting the parking lot on Southwest 228th Street.

Block 24000 Van Ry Boulevard: Police administered two doses of Narcan to a man who had not left his room at the Studio 6 motel and found himself lying on the bed unresponsive. Aluminum foil containing burnt residue was observed next to him on the bed. The man was unconscious and breathing slowly. Previous attempts to wake him have failed. Subject did not awaken immediately after Narcan administration, but began to exhibit movement in his arms and hands and his breathing became heavier. Help arrived and was able to wake the man before transporting him to hospital.

21200 block 52nd Avenue West: A man broke into 7-Eleven property for a year following an argument with a store employee.

April 11

5500 block 230th Street Southwest: Owner of a Ford Ranger reported stolen.

22200 block 52nd Avenue West: During a traffic stop, police arrested a man for having outstanding warrants. He was transported and incarcerated in the Snohomish County Jail.

4100 block 212th Street SW: Domestic violence pamphlets were given to two subjects following a verbal argument between them which resulted in the driver becoming distracted and colliding with a sidewalk and shrubbery/ bushes.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: The owner of a Volkswagen Jetta reported that his car was driven over on the morning of April 8 while parked along the roadway in front of his residence. He said approximately $500 worth of tools, including power tools and socket sets, were stolen from the trunk of the vehicle. The cabin of the car was left unlocked and the trunk was most likely opened by a trunk release lever in the cabin.

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: A man was arrested during a traffic stop for having an outstanding warrant. He was also cited for driving with a suspended license and for not installing the required immobilizer on the vehicle he was driving. He was transported to Snohomish County Jail for booking.

April 12

21200 block 58th Avenue West: A resident reported being woken up by the sound of two gunshots, then her boyfriend noticed his black Honda Civic was missing. Shortly after, he saw his car drive past the residence and then park a block away for a few minutes. He was last seen heading south on West 58th Avenue at high speed. A search of the area outside the residence found no signs of gunfire.

21500 block 68th Avenue West: A Skanska Construction employee reported that while driving to the light rail construction site, he found a Smith and Wesson .22 revolver on the street. He handed over the recovered weapon to the police with ammunition consisting of four bullets and two spent shell casings.

23400 Block 54th Avenue West: An identity theft complaint has been reported after a resident noticed his bank account was overdrawn and discovered there had been fraudulent activity on his account since last December. There were many charges for QVC and Home Shopping Network. Charges for that month totaled $1,400 and according to the bank, the suspect lives in Michigan.

6600 block 220th Street Southwest: A hit and run collision was reported in the parking lot of Jackson’s grocery store. A white GMC Yukon reportedly backed into the tire and front passenger door of a Mazda 3. The Yukon driver then drove out of the parking lot without stopping to exchange information, and the vehicle was last seen heading east on 220th Street SW. No injuries were reported and help was refused.

6300 block 219th Street Southwest: An identity theft complaint has been reported in which someone opened an account with Verizon using the identity of a male resident. The man received a letter stating that the account was closed and had been sent to a collection agency and that he owed $3,000.

April 13

22200 block 70th Avenue West: A TK Elevator employee reports that a secure storage box at a construction site was broken into and its contents, along with other items stored nearby, stolen. A compact tubing machine worth $8,000 and pipe threading and grooving tools worth a total of $2,700 were among the stolen items.

4700 block 216th Street Southwest: The owner of a Toyota Camry reported that the car’s front license plate was stolen recently.

April 14

21400 block 52nd Avenue West: A woman was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. She was transported and incarcerated in the Snohomish County Jail.

— Compiled by Nathan Blackwell