GREAT FALLS — Some high school students may now be considering joining the Montana Air National Guard, thanks to a job fair hosted by the organization on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

It’s called Operation: Open Hangar and has returned for the first time since 2019.

Staff Sergeant Dace Steinke was a busy man; as a recruiter, he spoke to many high school students at the event.

“A lot of the misconception is that the Montana Air National Guard is all about airplanes, but we’re honestly so much more. We have so many other different career fields that we can offer kids,” said Steinke.

Staff Sergeant Dace Steinke

RMC High School junior Levi Caffee was one of them; he said he hadn’t considered joining the Guard before the job fair, but said seeing what the Guard had to offer made him think twice.

“I thought that would be something to check out in the future,” Caffee said. “I actually spoke to the EOD team and it would be a pretty cool job to do. I thought it was pretty sick.”

He had some advice for other students: “If you really don’t know what to do in your future, I would definitely come check it out.”

SSgt Steinke said: “I think it’s a good time to bring it back because everyone is back to school so it gives the kids an opportunity to get back to normal. They come to see us, they ask questions, they are much more interactive. When we’re at a job fair, we kind of talk about information, we show them packages, we show them brochures. Here they can actually see what they would do.”

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