Viva Sales, Microsoft’s first role-focused app under the Viva brand, will hit GA on October 3, the company announced.

Microsoft unveiled Viva Sales in June 2022 as a seller’s companion to CRM that provides a way to both add and consume CRM-related data while working in productivity apps like Outlook and Teams.

Viva Sales will launch with out-of-the-box integrations to Dynamics 365 Sales and Salesforce CRM, according to Microsoft CVP Lori Lamkin. Officials have repeatedly stated that integration with other CRMs will be possible in the future.

The offering is not sold as part of the broader Viva suite of apps, Microsoft said. It’s free for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Premium customers. For everyone else, it’s available at $40 per user, per general availability license.

As part of the launch, Microsoft announced a partnership with sales enablement provider Seismic. The Seismic Enablement Cloud integration “will provide recommended content and training for follow-up as part of post-meeting call summaries powered by Viva Sales AI,” the company wrote in its own announcement. “Looking ahead, business organizations can expect content and training recommendations, pre-built digital sales rooms, and meeting analytics powered by Seismic.”

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