The Indian administrative service aspirant prepares for years to qualify for one of the toughest exams in India which is organized by the Union Civil Service Commission. Many aspirants join coaching centers while others opt for self-study. Nirish Rajput, a resident of Bhind district in Madhya Pradesh, prepared for the UPSC exam without coaching and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer by achieving the 370th position at all levels in India.

Nirish comes from a very poor family. Virendra Rajput, her father, is a tailor and her two brothers are teachers. He grew up in a 300 square foot house, went to a government school and graduated from a government college in Gwalior. Nirish found it difficult to complete his education as he came from a low-income family, and to continue his education, Nirish distributed newspapers every day. Whatever small amount he earned was used to pay for his school fees. He didn’t know how to become an IAS officer until he sat for the UPSC civil service exam. Passing the UPSC civil service exam changed people’s lives, that’s all he knew.

He started his preparation for the UPSC exam at home. His brothers supported him and provided financial assistance. During his preparation days, Nirish was approached to teach at a new coaching institute in Uttarakhand by one of his friends. In return, he assured Nirish that he would donate study materials for the UPSC exam.

After two years, as the institute began to flourish, his friend tricked Nirish and fired him. Nirish was surprised as he had almost wasted two years of his life without getting anything in return. He took this as a lesson and returned to Delhi to complete his preparations.

He met several aspirants in Delhi, who were preparing for the UPSC exam. They helped him in his preparation with their notes since he couldn’t sign up for coaching classes or take notes himself. On his fourth attempt, Nirish passed the UPSC Civil Service Examination with rank 370. He said he studied 18 hours a day and passed the exam without any guidance.

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