In addition to national awards, the magazine has won eight Milwaukee Press Club awards.
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CRMA Magazine Finalist of 2021

Madison Magazine was selected as a finalist in two categories by the City and Regional Magazine Association’s national awards competition.

The first runner-up is for “Life Sentences” by Rudy Bankston which was selected in the essays/comments/reviews category. Bankston was a guest columnist at Madison Magazine in the August 2021 issue. Bankston shares his painful personal experience growing up as a young black man in Milwaukee and going to the police with his mom on a rainy Mother’s Day. In prison, he turned to the dictionary and books by black authors, resulting in a literary and life transformation that led him to find himself, mentor others, and even write a novel behind bars. Read Bankston’s story here.

Rudy Bankston stares into the distance with a book in front of him

Rudy Bankston wrote a guest column for Madison Magazine. (August 2021)

Photo by Paulius Musteikis

The second runner-up is in the civic journalism category for Associate Editor Maggie Ginsberg’s “When Safer at Home Isn’t.” The story for the January 2021 issue looks at domestic violence amid COVID-19. This story would be glossed over beyond a shocking headline that domestic violence services hotline call volumes dropped sharply when Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order went into effect in March 2020. , then exploded to almost triple the usual numbers in July. “When Safer at Home Isn’t” revealed that although Wisconsin has a mandatory arrest law, it is up to responders to determine if a suspect’s actions constitute probable cause of domestic violence. , and Madison’s number of arrests is disproportionately low compared to the domestic violence calls they receive. Read Ginberg’s story here.

The magazine has won several CRMA awards in the past, most recently winning the General Achievement Award in 2021, the first time the magazine has won in this specific category. Madison Magazine will find out the results in May.

In addition to the CRMA Awards, Madison Magazine has been honored in eight categories for the Milwaukee Press Club’s Excellence in Journalism Awards. The location of the awards will be announced on May 6. Click on the links below to read each of the stories:

Best Printed Pandemic Story—The Lion Hearts
Best Soft Feature – The Untold Story of Nirvana in Madison
Best Single Editorial, Editorial Position Statement or Opinion – Rudy Bankston Life Sentences
Best Explainer Story or Series – Where the Grass is Greener + Wisconsin’s Original Green Cemetery
Best Personal Profile – The Next Course
Best Illustration or Cartoon – When Safer at Home Isn’t
Best Design of a Story or Feature – Seeing Stars
Best Overall Design

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