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Tisha Donovan Holds Unique Turkish Decorated Glass Lamp Exhibition Inside Kris Unique Shop, 505 N. Bullard St. “Just like our Turkish Decorated Glass Plates, each one is unique,” she said. , adding that the lamps make lovely Christmas gifts. “Our ceramic horsehair engraved figurines, fireplaces and angels are also very popular, and many people come for our New Mexico products and our New Mexico food section, for gifts to send to. people out of state. “

Online shopping may be king, but with so many well-stocked local businesses, shopping for old-fashioned in-store gifts is a snap for vacation shoppers in Silver City – with the perk. the added bonus of keeping more of those dollars in the county and making vacations happier for some of your neighbors.
You don’t have time to spend an afternoon browsing the dozens of shops and galleries grouped together in the city center? The Daily Press has a few tips, though there are plenty more surprises and great deals to be found – including on the pages of the Daily Press in the coming days.
In these unpredictable pandemic times, be sure to call ahead to make sure businesses are open on any given day.

Silver City Museum
That’s right, the museum. Located at 312 W. Broadway, the Silver City Museum has always stocked a surprisingly diverse selection of items in its gift shop, but earlier this year it expanded into a second room, showcasing this horn of abundance. From balsa wood airplane models, kazoos and other Christmas stocking items to handmade jewelry, knickknacks, cards and books, this gift shop is actually a one-stop holiday shopping destination for some. .
“Other antique toys include collecting sticks, kaleidoscopes and jacks,” said Erin Griffith, museum educator. “The scarves are beautiful and we have the best jewelry; and if you are interested in Mata Ortiz Pottery, we have a selection that I haven’t seen anywhere else in town.
Looking for a gift for someone who has recently moved to Silver City? Pick up a copy of “Built to Last: An Architectural History of Silver City, New Mexico” by Susan Berry and Sharman Apt Russell, which is one of the Daily Press’s essential reference books, or “Fightin ” em to help ’em’, Charlie McCarty’s memorable chronicle of his 27 years as the owner of a hardware store in Catron County, whose aggressiveness was surpassed only by that of his clients.

Tap the power and the light
Kyle Durrie, the owner and artist behind Power and Light Press, a letterpress printing company, needs help this holiday season. She has a wide array of merchandise that goes beyond the witty, handmade posters, cards and other prints that have attracted national attention to her business, located at The Hub Plaza at 601 N. Bullard St., Unit F.
“Now I just have to sell everything,” she said.
Need a gift for the smartass in your life? Banana Pocket Flasks at ‘Come in we’re stoned / sorry, we’re stoned’ simulate open / closed signs and ‘Drunk Cat’ posters by Arna Miller and Ravi Zupa, Power and Light has more nerve than you can get shake a stick at. “Rural and Proud” tote bags, a selection of personal care items and candles, and a “2022 National Park Monster Calendar” are just a few of the slightly less sarcastic gift offerings here.

Frames and gray areas
Enclave: 575-654-5419
Hang them in height: 575-313-0641
Take it up a notch this holiday season and invest in a handmade photo frame for any locally purchased print, photograph or painting you plan to give away this year. A personalized frame makes everything inside “pop”! in a way, the generic prefabricated frames sold in big box stores cannot. So go for gold. Or pink leopard print. Heck, go for baroque carved maple wood, if it matches art.
Silver City has two custom picture frame stores. Enclave, which is purely a picture frame store, is located at 1445 US 180 E. in Suite C of Lois Lane Plaza, while Hang ‘Em High Framing at 203 N. Bullard St. is also home to an art gallery. to frame.
“It’s easy, and the point is, frames aren’t exclusive to art,” Enclave’s Tasha Cooper said. “It’s for everything, anything and everyone. You can frame a tea towel, if you wish, or sports memorabilia, this is very popular. I also do shadow boxes. It’s my thing.
Everyone knows someone with a coveted print, photo, or hidden heirloom that won’t be on display until it’s framed, and Cooper said a personalized shadow box is a great way to go. to preserve and display three-dimensional objects.
“Bring me anything, or an assortment of items, and I’ll arrange them” in a framed glass box, she said. “A woman had already mounted her baby shoes on plexiglass and she wanted to protect them. So for about $ 300, I put her baby photo on the back, oriented the little shoes just to the right, and built a shadow box for it. You can spend a lot or a little, or you can just give someone a gift certificate and let them be.
And if you need something to frame first, Silver City is full of artists, studios, and galleries. The Silver City Art Association’s website, silvercityart.com, has plenty of lists of all three to help you find the perfect art gift this season.

Tatiana Maria Gallery
Jim Druffel has been creating designer lamps and lighting for decades. But after COVID-19’s trade restrictions and lack of customers caused him and his partner, Maria Tatiana Kurakin, to raise their hands in the air and temporarily close their gallery doors at 305 N. Bullard St., he started working on a new series of indoor lamps.
And now people can visit the Tatiana Maria gallery in person again to experience Druffel’s new Zentipede design line, which so far includes three styles of table lamps and a floor version.
With names like Lotus, Trilobite, and Luna, the recipient of one of these stylish lights sure gets more than just lighting for reading.
“They’re not ‘mid-century modern’, they’re ‘early 1900s modern’,” Druffel said, adding that the lamps are built to order. “Right now we have a floor lamp and three table lamps in this modern style from the early 1900s, and we also make more modern and traditional table lamps with a single rod and a shade. We also manufacture a series of table oil lamps.
In addition, the Tatiana Maria Gallery still has its usual selection of antique furniture, rugs and textiles, among other clever items.
“We have a lot of wonderful vintage Native American and Taxco jewelry,” Kurakin said. “This is probably our most popular in terms of gift items. “

The gift of music
Perrault Music Company
Mike’s Guitar Store
One of Silver City’s local options for musical instruments is located in an unexpected location – inside the Rest Assured mattress store at 910 N. Hudson St. With a wide selection of guitars and other instruments to choose from. strings, Mike’s Guitar Shoppe is worth a visit, if you can resist the urge to take a test nap while you’re at it.
Silver City musician Brandon Perrault has been selling electric and acoustic guitars, strings, amplifiers and other gear for years at 212 E. 12th St. of Perrault Music Co., so maybe he is. a little biased. But he thinks a guitar is the perfect gift.
“It’s an instrument that a lot of people want to learn,” he said. “We also have ukuleles which are quite inexpensive. It is a good gift and it is quite easy to learn to play the ukulele.
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