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V3nus has made a habit of releasing several Neo-Soul and R&B masterpieces. Perhaps the band’s pick is their latest gem, “LIVE A LIE” (unreleased). In her most recent track, the singer truly immerses herself in the experience of someone going through a confused relationship. A person who doesn’t know if their relationship is worth fighting for or not. V3nus expresses a reluctance to waste time living a lie, hence the title of the song; “LIVE A LIE”. Her full range of vocal prowess is on display as she delicately portrays the role of an unhappy partner. She reflects a person who desperately wants to leave and stay at the same time.

Throughout the song, she does an exceptional job of bringing everything to life. It’s a very relatable song that really brings out the harsh reality of romance and breakups. The strong emotions of pain are palpable from start to finish! At the precipice of his despair, V3nus asks the powerful question, “what is love when love doesn’t love you”? Later in the song, V3nus answers his own question by suggesting that “true love cannot exist where there is no truth”. At the same time, she reveals how difficult it is to face the truth. Despite this, V3nus reluctantly admits the fact that the relationship may be beyond repair. In the end, she crowns everything by choosing to face reality and embrace the situation. The lasting impression of the song is the verse “I COULD NEVER LIVE A LIE”.

R&B and neo-soul sensation – V3nus

V3nus “Live A Lie” – Pre-save;


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