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Transport for NSW (Maritime) is hosting a free self-service clinic session on inflatable lifejackets in Forster on Monday, January 10. The session will take place at the Forster Marina boat launch on Dolphin Drive, Forster, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sessions include demonstrations on how to maintain an inflatable lifejacket, including what to look for to make sure it stays effective and practical tips and steps for checking and maintaining your own lifejackets. . The ability to ask questions and obtain additional marine resources such as the Navigation Manual, safety brochures and labels is also available during this session. Anyone can attend, and participants who engage in the self-service sessions are eligible to receive a discount voucher that can be used towards the purchase of an inflatable life jacket or free parts. service at a partner retailer. Participants are encouraged to bring their own life jackets for learning and self-service with boating education officers. Boating organizations and groups, including clubs, marinas, retailers and responders, can also request a boating education agent to provide a self-service lifejacket training session in person or in person. online to their members and staff. To request a self-service clinic session with your local Boating Education Manager, please contact [email protected] Life jackets are essential for your safety while on the water. In NSW, you must maintain your inflatable life jacket annually – or according to the manufacturer’s advice. Most manufacturers specify routine checks and maintenance schedules to keep your life jacket in good condition. Penalties may apply if you do not maintain your life jacket as required.