TiHAN has made significant progress since its inception and the development of a test bed which is the first of its kind by an institute in India is a testament to its technological capabilities, Professor Murty.

Strong points:

  • TiHAN encourages industry partners to improve their footprint in the areas of technology development program, skills development, entrepreneurship development, fundraising for joint development and CSR initiatives.
  • The skills development program includes workshop and boot camp (offline), online courses, blended courses and many more.
  • The training partners of the skills development initiative can be faculties of reputable institutions, training companies/organizations, TiHAN partner colleges, TiHAN partner manufacturer spaces and incubators, companies and organizations. other interested parties in the field to collaborate on R&D activities.
  • UGV and UAV kits specially designed for Hub’s skills development initiatives.

NMICPS (National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems) Technology Innovation Hub on Autonomous Navigation (TiHAN), IIT Hyderabad recently held its Governing Body Meeting of the Hub chaired by Professor BS Murty, Director of IITH, at which attended Dr. KR Murali Mohan, Mission Director, NMICPS, Department of Science and Technology along with other members. Dr. KR Murali Mohan launched the TiHAN logo and brochure as well as specially designed Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) kits for the Hub’s skills development activities. The TiHAN logo was designed with innovation, self-driving navigation through different modes of transport in mind, and the colors symbolize energy, dedication, new generation and technology. TiHAN has entered into an agreement with industry to ensure the commercial availability of UGV and UAV kits which will benefit the use by target institutes, industry and keen students. The occasion was honored by the board members of TiHAN Hub.

“TiHAN has been at the forefront of innovation in the assigned technology vertical of Autonomous Navigation and Data Acquisition Systems, duly fulfilling the target objectives of the national mission. TiHAN has made significant progress since its inception and the development of an autonomous vehicle testbed, which is the first of its kind by an institute in India, is testament to its technological capabilities,” said Prof. BS Murthy, Director of the IITH.

“TiHAN has made remarkable progress and should now focus on advancing the Hub through effective partnerships with industry and start-ups to ensure translational research as well as commercialization of technology developments. The NMICPS Hubs have had a significant impact across the country in the awarded technology sectors by engaging institutes, industry and research activities holistically,” added Dr. KM Murali, Mohan Mission Director, NMICPS, Department of Science and Technology.

Sharing the latest updates on the project, Prof. P Rajalakshmi, Project Director, TiHAN, IITH, said, “TiHAN has led research and development in the assigned vertical and would work closely with other parties. stakeholders such as PAUs, government institutes, industry, R&D organizations. as well as start-ups in building a strong collaborative network to achieve the goals enshrined in the NMICPS framework”.

About TiHAN, IIT Hyderabad

The new DST NMICPS Technology Innovation Center on Autonomous Navigation and Data Acquisition Systems – TiHAN at IIT Hyderabad focuses on the research, design and development of Autonomous Navigation and Data Acquisition Systems for UAVs, RoVs, etc. With synergistic industry and academic collaborations, the hub aims to realize the use of autonomous navigation and data acquisition systems in the Indian and international context. The hub would like to accept proposals for R&D funding in the area of ​​autonomous navigation systems for land, air and surface vehicles, application of autonomous navigation technologies in agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, surveillance, environmental monitoring and related fields.

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) is one of the eight new IITs established by the Government of India in 2008. In the space of 13 years, the institute has become one of the best and currently has over 260 full-time faculty, over 3,900 students (26% women), nearly 200 state-of-the-art laboratories and five research and entrepreneurship centers. The institute is strongly research-oriented with approx. Rs 575+ crore sanctioned research funding with Ph.D. academics represent about 30% of the total student population. IITH has over 7200+ research publications, over 210 patent disclosures, over 1600 sponsored projects/consultants and around 100+ startups.