A former chief whip of the Lagos State Assembly, Mr. Rotimi Abiru, called on young people to become actively involved in politics to bring about the development of the country.

The lawmaker representing the Shomolu II state constituency, who spoke in Lagos on Saturday, noted that the Nigerian dream is in the hands of young people.

“Elections are not won on social media or newspaper pages. For those who find flaws and criticize from the corner of their room, now is the time to participate in the ongoing voter registration. It is important that everyone gets involved for mass participation and the improvement of our country, ”he said.

Abiru stressed that young people made up over 65% of the country’s population, saying their involvement in politics and governance would show the way for the country.

“Now is the time for civil society to save this country from regression by encouraging young people to take an active part in politics,” he said.

The lawmaker said the state government is committed to ensuring the maintenance of peace, stability and unity to protect the lives and property of residents.

He also assured residents of the state that the All Progressives Congress administration is committed to providing meaningful governance in the state.

Abiru described the appropriations bill recently passed in Lagos as a budget of hope and stability for Lagosians, adding: “These successes are achieved through independence and a good working relationship between the legislature and the ‘executive”.

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