“In order to further strengthen the anti-cult awareness and ability of the majority of believers as well as create a strong anti-cult atmosphere,” a church in Jiangsu Province on the east coast of China held a conference anti-cult.

City One Church in Nantong, Jiangsu, held a conference on “Advocating for Science and Opposing Cults” on August 10. Liu Jianrong, director of the Nantong Anti-Cult Association, was invited to be the speaker. He elaborated on the definition, characteristics and types of cults, and the means by which they confuse and win over the masses. Believers also received pamphlets to better understand the characteristics of the sects and gain a better understanding of evil, the church reported.

Liu said that in recent years, some sectarian organizations have spread fallacies and heresies everywhere under the guise of Christianity, trying to develop membership among believers through deception, which has seriously endangered social stability. Sectarian organizations often confuse and win over the masses by caring for and helping them, with the aim of destroying families, obtaining property by deception, destroying lives and disrupting society.

Combining the cases around him, the speaker made people think with a large number of shocking images and videos, hoping that they would oppose cults and remind their relatives, friends and neighbors not to fall in love sects. They were required to report cult behaviors in time and not to listen, believe, broadcast or participate in any of them. A good social atmosphere of resistance and opposition to cults should be built to eradicate the breeding ground of the cult, the speaker added.

In addition, it was said that the church would carry out long-term anti-cult publicity activities. Believers expressed that they would consciously resist cults through practical actions and participate in anti-cult work to maintain religious and cultural security and social stability.

– Translated by Stephen Huang


Jiangsu Megachurch Holds Anti-Cult Conference