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Jackson students register to vote on National Voter Registration Day

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Today is National Voter Registration Day across the country.

High schools and college campuses in the capital are making sure their students are registered and ready to vote before Election Day.

The midterm elections are fast approaching. This is why voter engagement groups try to entice young voters to register before the big day.

Dozens of JPS-Tougaloo Early College high school students and volunteers gathered on the Tougaloo College campus to register students to vote.

“When you think about it, the decisions people in power make, they are going to affect us young people because we are the next generation,” said Azni Kyita Welchlin, a student at JPS-Tougaloo Early High School.

“It affects what you do on a day-to-day basis,” said student vote advocate Courtney Body. “We elect people to speak for us.”

The students also received leaflets and brochures containing information on the importance of knowing why their voice needs to be heard.

Toni Johnson, civic engagement coordinator for the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, says, “What we try to do with our organization is try to break it down for them. The constitution, what their rights are, and connecting the dots here locally. We all talk about presidential elections, but what we focus on are local elections that affect our day-to-day lives.

Jackson State students also held a voter registration drive. They say it’s important that out-of-state college students be registered so their voices can be heard.

“A lot of them aren’t registered to vote in Mississippi, and that’s important because they’re going to be here the next four years. So I feel like they should be voting here where they’re staying,” Ryan Jackson, a Jackson State student.

“Young people feel like their voices aren’t being heard or their votes aren’t counting,” said Shaughny Rickmon, Mississippi Vote Organization. “Now it’s like we get them, but we have to get them to the polls on November 8.”

You must register to vote by October 10 if you want to vote in this year’s general election.

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