QCODEfrom the hit horror podcast series, The burnt picture, will return for a second season, it was announced this week.

Based on the suspenseful and popular Reddit thread, The burnt picturetells the story of Felicia and Kira, two women, whose lives become intertwined when they discover they are terrorized by the same generational curse that is determined to end each of their family lines…but why?

In season 2 of The burnt picture, Felicia and Kira, tired of being gassed and terrorized, confront Tanmitadore in their own way as they seek to understand his motives. Digging deeper, they discover the curse’s connection to the mysterious 18th century wizard, Doctor Joachim, and realize that the origin of the curse is more gruesome than they could ever imagine.

Premiere on March 14episode 1 of The burnt picture Season 2 will be available wherever podcasts are streamed. In addition to the first episode on March 14, those who subscribe to QCODE+ on Apple Podcasts will also have early access to Episodes 2 and 3, before non-subscribers.

Created by Nicole ExpositoSeason 2 of The burnt picture will be the star again Charmaine Bingwa (The good fight) and Kat McNamara (Shadow Hunters).

The series in seven episodes is written by Exposito, Jeremy Novick and Kwynn Perry and directed by Novick and Perry. The burnt picture is produced by QCODE and Vertigo Entertainment, the producers behind IT: chapters one and twowithout speaking about The Ring, The Grudge, Godzilla, and The dead remake.