Sandy Springs Police Department Maj. Michael Lindstrom returned from Israel after a two-week public safety leadership training with the nation’s top police officials.

Lindstrom was part of a 16-member delegation, including eight Georgia police chiefs and command staff and four Georgia sheriffs.

“I think one of the most important lessons I learned from our time in Israel was how important it was to connect with the community in which the officers worked,” Lindstrom said. “Although some of these areas have demanded a more serious approach to the tasks at hand, they have never wavered in their desire to connect with their citizens.”

Sandy Springs Police Maj. Michael Lindstrom, third from left, participated in a public safety training exchange program in Israel. (Submitted)

Sandy Springs Police Captain Norman Vik has previously participated in the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE) 28e annual peer-to-peer executive training program, while Lindstrom participated in the 29e program.

“We have always supported the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange because it provides valuable cross-training between law enforcement in the United States and abroad,” said Sandy Springs Police Chief Ken DeSimone. .

The connections made by the SSPD through the GIREE program have paid off.

“During a recent homicide investigation, the Criminal Investigations Division of the SSPD used contacts obtained through the GILEE program to contact the Israeli police to obtain more information about a suspect who happened to be an Israeli citizen. “said DeSimone.

He said contacts like these save valuable time and allow the department to operate at the most efficient levels.

Law enforcement officers from the United States and Israel met with a Druze delegation. The Druze in Israel are a religious and ethnic minority among the Arab citizens of Israel. (Submitted)

While in Israel, delegates partnered with the Israel Police and were able to learn about best practices and the latest technologies in policing and public safety.

“To say the experience was surreal would be an understatement,” Lindstrom said. “We had the opportunity to visit a nation steeped in centuries of history while being exposed to some of the world’s greatest law enforcement leaders.”

GIREE is a research center within the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. It enhances public safety by fostering partnerships within and between public law enforcement agencies and the private sector.